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Long Range Facilities Plan Updates - 2019

In District 33 we continue to make excellent progress on the implementation of the strategic plan. Within this plan, the goal of “Effective and Efficient Use of Resources” drives us to ensure that our facilities are well maintained. The first phase of the plan was completed last August and the second phase begins this summer. Many of these projects had been set aside in the past due to financial concerns. Fortunately, after several years of diligent savings, we are able to fund these projects through current fund balances, not through additional taxes.

Here is an outline of some of the exciting and much needed projects that are in progress this summer:

Secured Front Entrances

The safety and security of our students, staff and visitors to our buildings is of utmost importance and our policies and procedures are continually reviewed and updated as necessary. This summer all of our buildings will receive new Secured Front Entrances which include the following features:

  • 3-layered system of security
    • 1st layer - locked front doors (this has been in place for several years).
    • 2nd layer - Vestibule in which the doors leading to the main part of the building and to the office will be locked.
    • 3rd layer - Visitors must be buzzed into the office area from the vestibule, sign in, and then buzzed into the main building from the office.
  • Access Control
    • The system in every building is being replaced with an updated system.
    • Staff ID’s will contain a chip and must be used to enter the buildings. This replaces the FOBs that are used now.
    • Every exterior door will have a chip reader.  Currently not all doors are equipped with this feature.

Exterior Doors Replaced

80% of the exterior doors in all of the buildings will be replaced. Since some of our buildings are newer it is not necessary to replace all of the doors. The replacement of these doors provides another layer of security to our buildings.


Improvements to the condition and appearance of our elementary bathrooms is began last summer and will finish this summer. The goal is to have updated, consistent fixtures, flooring and partitions throughout the whole district.  This summer’s work will include:

Indian Knoll

  • Complete the renovations in the remaining bathrooms.


  • Due to the installation of the Innovation Center at Turner last summer, the bathrooms were not addressed. All bathrooms will be renovated this summer.


  • Bathrooms will receive new partitions.

Parking Lots/Exterior Lighting

School was the location of summer school last year, and therefore renovations were put off until this summer. The parking lot at Currier will receive the following updates:

  • Parking lot will be resurfaced
  • Fourteen parking spaces will be added
  • Installation of improved exterior lighting will be added to all district buildings, except Gary School and the Educational Service Center, which received this upgrade last summer.

New Innovation Centers

Aside from ensuring the long-term viability of our buildings, we are also working to make sure that our students have modern learning spaces, as well. Turner was the first elementary school to have a new Innovation Center installed. This project served as a pilot for the installation of centers at the other elementary schools. We are very excited to announce that new Innovation Centers will be installed this summer at the remaining elementary schools.