• Safety & Security

    West Chicago Elementary School District 33 takes the safety and security of our students and staff very seriously. The district maintains a public Emergency Operations Plan and confidential building-level school safety plans.

    A district safety committee annually reviews the District Emergency Operations Plan and school Incident Command Teams review the confidential school-level safety plans. All updates are reviewed by the District 33 School Board annually.

      IL Safety Drill Act

      • Illinois Safety Drill Act

        West Chicago Elementary School District 33 complies with the Illinois School Safety Drill Act.  The purpose of this Act is to establish minimum requirements and standards for schools to follow when conducting school safety drills and reviewing school emergency and crisis response plans.  The Illinois School Safety Drill Act also encourages schools and first responders to work together for the safety of children.

        District 33 works closely with the local fire and police to conduct the following drills annually:

        • 3 fire drills: One of these drills the fire department must be present to observe and provide direction and feedback
        • 1 severe weather drill
        • 1 bus evacuation drill
        • 1 law enforcement drill within the first 90 days of school

      Emergency Communication

      • Communication During an Emergency

        West Chicago Elementary School District 33 utilizes School Messenger to communicate with families during an emergency. This system allows the district to quickly and efficiently deliver important information and messages to the entire school community or a particular group or building that is affected. Notifications through School Messenger can be delivered via phone, text and/or email. Eschool is the portal where parent/guardian information is retrieved to deliver messages and information through School Messenger. Please be sure that any changes to student contact information is updated through your child’s building secretary. In the event of an emergency, please rely only on official communication from school or public safety officials.

      Visitor Management System

      • Visitor Management System

        West Chicago Elementary School District 33 utilizes the Raptor Visitor Management System.

        • Visitors must provide a driver’s license (or other approved ID) when they enter the building.
        • The secretary will scan the ID and system will compare the visitor’s information to a sex offender database alerting school administrators and local police if a match is found.
        • Once cleared through the system, a visitor badge is produced that includes a photo.
        • Visitors are required to wear this visitor badge while in the building.

        What forms of ID are approved? A state license, a state identification card, a green card, an active military card and/or a passport card.