• Get Involved, D33!

    A New Initiative for Engaging Parents and Guardians

    District 33 values the partnership of parents, guardians, and family members in supporting student success and making decisions about their education.
    While there are many opportunities for parents and guardians to be involved in their child(ren)’s education and to share their talent, vision, and voice at their child’s school and in the District, we understand from parent feedback that many of these opportunities are unknown.

    So, this year, we are implementing a new initiative called Get Involved, D33!, that will give parents, guardians, and families a streamlined document with various opportunities to engage in their child’s education that fits their personal goals and preferences.

    Below is a list of opportunities to get involved and share your talent, vision, and voice at your child’s school and in the District. We encourage parents to participate in/attend at least three of these opportunities/events throughout the 2023/2024 school year. 

    At the end of each trimester, a name will be randomly selected from the following three categories: Early Childhood Education, Elementary Schools, and Middle School. Each raffle winner will be given a prize. Parents must "Check In" at each event in order to be included in the raffle. 

  • PARENT Leadership

  • ADULT Education

  • PARENT Seminar Series

  • VOLUNTEER Opportunities

  • FAMILY Engagement