• Family Liaison Services

    Every school has an assigned Family Liaison to serve parents and guardians with a variety of resources. Family Liaisons serve as a bridge between home and school, and their main roles include:

    • Attendance Monitoring & Intervention
    • Parenting Education / Engagement
    • Access and linkage to community resources (Food, clothing, health, financial & legal assistance)
    • McKinney Vento / homeless determination

    If you’d like to connect with your school’s Family Liaison, you can contact the Front Office or reach out to them directly:


    Family Liaisons
    Preschool LIAISON EMAIL Phone
    Early Learning Center Jennifer Rodriguez [email protected] Work: (630) 293-6000 ext.1324
    Cell: (424) 406-0185
    Pioneer Preschool Program Martha Camarillo [email protected]

    Work: (630) 293-7324 ext.1437
    Cell: (636) 686-0625

      Mercedes Alverio  [email protected] Cell: (630)-589-9603 


    Family Liaisons
    Elementary School LIAISON EMAIL PHONE
    Currier Elementary Natalie Cabral [email protected] (630) 473-8361
    Gary Elementary Belitza Contreras-DeLeon [email protected] (331) 431-6770
    Indian Knoll Elementary Ricardo Dominguez [email protected] (708) 653-0709
    Pioneer Elementary Gloria Cardenas [email protected] (630) 589-9548
    Turner Elementary Teresa Ocon [email protected] (331) 431-6554
    Wegner Elementary Maria Partida [email protected] (630) 664-1163 


    Family Liaisons
    6th Grade Lizzette Soto [email protected] (630) 984-0377
    7th Grade Brenda Guerrero [email protected] (630) 768-3332
    8th Grade Nathaly Franco [email protected] (630) 534-2198


  • Family Liaison Success Story

    A new family arrived at an elementary school after the start of the year. The family began working with the Family Liaison, who met with them in their home and learned about the family's goals. The Liaison found that they were newly arrived in the country, were eligible for McKinney Vento due to unstable housing, and helped them connect to a variety of resources. The family has since been empowered to connect with a medical home, food pantries, holiday gift programs, and clothing programs. The Liaison worked alongside the family as they found reliable employment and eventually moved into stable housing. As a result, the students have been regularly attending school, participating in classes, and staying for CAPE after-school program.