• Black Talented and Gifted Group (BTAGG)

    BTAGG is a group of parents and teachers that work together to organize and plan opportunities for Black students and families in District 33 to ensure all voices are heard. The vision is to improve academic achievement, build social and emotional security and showcase the gifts and talents of Black students and families.  

    The goal of BTAGG is to promote equity, celebrate and acknowledge cultural identity, and foster a secure and healthy environment for Black students in District 33. 

    Committee Members: Parents/guardians of students, staff, administrators, and board members

    Past Accomplishments/Programs/Activities: 

    • Juneteenth Celebration
    • Black History Education and Program
    • Kwanza Celebration
    • Poetry Slam

    Frequency: Monthly

    Contact Person: Gloria Trejo, Asst. Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, [email protected] or 630.293.6000 x1209