• Long Range Facilities Plan Updates - 2018

    The Board of Education approved a Long Term Facilities Plan on October 5, 2017. 
    The Business Department and the Facilities and Grounds Department just completed a large amount of facilities work this past summer.  Projects were completed on time and under budget.   
    District 33 used existing District fund balance to pay for these repairs and upgrades.  No borrowed money or referendum was needed.  Arcon and Associates is the architect in charge of these projects and will be presenting a summary of the summer 2018 work at the October 4, 2018 Board of Education meeting.  Plans for summer 2019 are already in the works.

  • No money was borrowed to complete these updates and summer cleaning still took place!

    Bathrooms – Gary, Indian Knoll (2 of six), Pioneer

    • Completely gutted
    • New supply piping, sewer piping
    • Exhaust fans
    • Toilets urinals, sinks which are all motioned sensored
    • Hand dryers (motion sensored)
    • LED lighting
    • Ceiling
    • Wall tile and floor tile

    Building Automated System (BAS – Gary, IK, Pioneer, Turner) Already at LMS, Currier & Wegner

    • Allows for remote monitoring and adjusting many features in relation to the temperature of the spaces. For example in winter, temperatures of each room can be monitored and outside air brought in if the space gets too hot.
    • Allows for remote troubleshooting
    • Preparation for the installation of the BAS in each of these buildings required the removal of the inconsistent pneumatic (air) systems and installing the new digital system.
    • Replaced univents - because of the age of the equipment at Indian Knoll all univents needed to be replaced which required more time to do.

    Leman Middle School

    • New Tech Lab (1962, 1994 now)

    Indian Knoll (1967)

    • Two remodeled bathrooms (see above)
    • Replaced water supply lines in hallway from galvanized to copper
    • New lunch tables
    • BAS (see above)

    Turner (1952)

    • NEW Innovation Center
    • Two new roof top HVAC units for the Innovation Center space
    • Upgraded electrical service from 400 amps to 1200 amps, meaning the building and hold more power coming from ComEd – building could not handle any more power
    • New transformer coming from ComEd
    • One more electrical circuit (outlet) in each classroom – can now handle more of the power for the technology
    • Old cloth wiring from original construction replaced
    • Gym Air handler (Circa 1952) replaced with a much more powerful, modern unit
    • BAS (see above)
    • Some electrical panels replaced

    Wegner (1994)

    • Parking lot and playground area resurfaced
    • New LED lighting in parking lot
    • New LED Lighting can be remotely monitored and adjusted
    • New bathroom partitions

    Pioneer (1971)

    • See above – Bathrooms and BAS

    Gary (1956)

    • New parking lot with improved student pick up and drop off
    • New outside LED parking lot lights
    • Staff lounge remodeled with new cabinets, ceiling, floor, paint, sink
    • Water supply lines in the hallway were replaced from galvanized to copper

    ESC (1971)/ELC (2006)

    • Additional parking spaces in parking lot
    • New LED outside parking lot lights
    • New storage shed