• D33 Media Relations Information and Guidelines

    All media inquiries should be directed to the District 33 communications department and the appropriate building principal or building administrator. Exception: routine athletic and/or extracurricular activity news coverage can be handled by the appropriate coach/sponsor.

    The Coordinator of Communications & Commiunity Relations should be contacted when a representative of the media visits a building. If the media visits a Distirct 33 site without prior approval from the appropriate campus or building administrator, he or she should be asked to leave and directed to contact the Coordinator of Communications & Community Relations.

    Media personnel may be allowed on campus to interview staff or students during the school day with: (1) approval from the Superintendent or Coordinator of Communications & Community Relations and (2) appropriate notification to the building administrator.

    All requests for media coverage should come through the district's communications office. The Coordinator of Communications & Community Relations will coordinate all media coverage and determine the best spokesperson for the district.

    Gina Steinbrecher
    Coordinator of Communications & Community Relations
    [email protected]
    (630) 293-6000 ext. 1201