• Science

    Science instruction in D33 focuses on getting students to the “why” and the “how”, teaching them the problem solving skills necessary to answer their inquiries . Inquiry Math and  Literacy standards are embedded within every unit as students work through Life Science, Earth & Space Science, Physical Science, and Engineering standards based on themes.

    By the end of 8th Grade, our students will:

    • Ask Scientific questions and develop a plan to answer them
    • Be active researchers in the real world
    • Have critical thinking skills
    • Be curious about the world around them
    • Understand that the various disciplines of science are connected and not separate
    • Understand scientific processes
    • Support ideas and claims with evidence
    • Be able to make connections between science concepts and current events in the world
    • Be resilient and persistent, understanding that learning is a cycle and it’s ok to be wrong or fail as long as you keep experimenting
    • Appreciate that science is everywhere
    • Understand the safety of science and use common sense when doing labs/experiments
    • Learn deductive reasoning skills