• Leman Middle School was built in 1962 and originally named West Chicago Junior High. The name was later changed to West Chicago Middle School to reflect a change in the organization of the school and the philosophy of education which addresses not only the academic, but the social, psychological and emotional needs of adolescents. In November of 2010, a referendum was passed to renovate and expand the middle school to accommodate sixth grade students, as well as seventh and eighth graders. In the Fall of 2013, the middle school welcomed the first class of sixth graders.

    In addition to the renovation and expansion of the building, the middle school received a new name – Leman Middle School of West Chicago, in honor of retired Superintendent Dr. Ed Leman. One of Dr. Leman’s goals during his tenure in District 33 was to offer middle school programming to sixth grade students. He worked hard to make this goal a reality.

Front of Leman Middle School