Leman Clubs

  • In the Spring of 2019, the Leman staff surveyed all 6th and 7th-grade students on the after school clubs/activities that they would like to see offered at LMS. We analyzed the data and determined the clubs/activities that were highly selected by our students.  In the Spring of 2020, we added 15 additional clubs/activities that students could join and participate in after school. 

    In addition to the new clubs, we run an Activity Bus at 4:15 PM to transport students home from all clubs and activities. Please note that students who do not qualify for bussing during the school day will not be permitted to ride the Activity Bus after school.

    Each year the club/activity offerings may vary depending on student interest.  The club sponsors will advertise for their clubs several weeks prior to the start date.

Club/Activity Offerings

Club/Activity Grade Levels Club Sponsor Description
Announcement Club 6th-8th Mr. Tamayo This club is open to all grade levels. Each student will be able to participate in the Morning Video Announcement production process as a writer, editor, producer, or news anchor. Club members need to commit to being at school at 7:00 am at least once a week to record the video announcements.
Art Club 6th-8th Ms. Mangler Motivated and creative students who are interested in making art and having fun will work with a range of materials to explore their own artistic interests and ideas.
Ballet Folklórico 6th-8th Mrs. Rocha, Mrs. Rivera, Mr. Tamayo The District 33 Ballet Folklorico has over 200 members! Students will learn and perform traditional Latin American dances from various regions in Mexico and Central America. The costumes and music reflect traditions across the various regions. Join this incredible group and celebrate the beautiful and rich culture.
Badminton Club 6th-8th Do you love Badminton? Are you looking to play after school? Join the Badminton Club and enhance your skills while spending time with your friends and classmates.
Book Club 6th-8th Students will make new friends in this exciting new Book Club. Club members will meet once a week to discuss the book they have selected to read. We will have snacks and enjoy talking about our favorite books in a fun and relaxed setting.
Chess Club 6th-8th Are you a competitive chess player or do you just enjoy playing in your free time? Come join our amazing Chess club and put your skills to the test. This club has expanded greatly over the past two years. We now host Chess Competitions with other middle schools in the surrounding areas. Are you just looking to learn? No fear! We will teach you all that you need to know.
Dance Club 6th-8th Let’s Dance! Come meet new friends and have fun dancing. We will be learning popular dances, choreographing dances to teach each other, and having a blast! No previous dance experience is required. Plus, dancing is a great form of exercise!
Fishing Club 6th-8th Do you like to fish? Are you interested in learning how to fish? If so, Leman Middle School will be starting up the fishing club. We will meet once a week, initially to learn about fishing in DuPage county, and later to take trips to different lakes in the area. *Some sessions will be off-site and will require parent pick up from school.
Gaming Club 6th-8th Do you like video games? Do you like competition? The gaming club is seeking 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to participate in a weekly tournament featuring a different video game each week. Some of the games featured will be: Smash Brothers, Bomberman 2, Mario Kart, Samurai Shodown, and Dr. Mario.
Homework/Tutoring Club 6th-8th Homework is hard! Need help?? Come to the Homework Club and get some extra help on homework assignments, projects, studying for a test, or even just extra help! The teachers are here to help YOU! Come with questions and leave with answers and finished homework!
Intramural Basketball 6th Only Intramural Basketball is for 6th-grade students only. Whether you are a first-time Basketball player or you have many years of experience, it is an opportunity to practice your skills and improve. This is also an opportunity to prepare for the Basketball Team in 7th grade.
Intramural Soccer 6th Only Join Intramural Soccer and have fun playing the sport you love with your friends! This program is only for 6th grade students. It is a wonderful way to get involved while improving your skills
Intramural Volleyball 6th Only Intramural Volleyball is a fun way to get to know your 6th-grade classmates while working on your volleyball skills. The program works with students with all different levels of experience. Get ready to have fun and scrimmage against your friends!
Math Club 6th-8th Mathletes Unite! Math Club is open to all students who would like to brush up on their math skills, or who enjoy a little mathematical challenge. We will use time in the club to look at a variety of problems and work collaboratively to solve them. We will have math games, tricks, and art as well.
Running Club 6th-8th Running club is open to all students in the middle school who enjoy, or want to enjoy the benefits of running. There are 3 sponsors who can cater to all levels of runners. Students who are new to running will go on short jogs to begin building endurance. Experienced runners will go on longer runs to continue building their endurance. For students interested in track and field, this is a great opportunity to prepare for the season. Also, for students interested in cross country, this is a great w
Service Learning Club 6th-8th Open to any students who love to give back to their community! Students will find ways to volunteer while making new friends. We will meet once a week to do small projects that will lead up to group outings that will help you get to know not only West Chicago, but the people in it! We will have fun creating memories while finding the true meaning of service and do this while having snacks!
STEM Club 6th-8th Mr. Duda For the 4th year in a row, students in Mr. Duda’s STEM Club will be able to follow their passions while working hands-on with robots, 3d printers, solar panels, wind turbines, computer programming, graphic design, and more!
Student Council 6th-8th Student Council is the largest club at Leman! This group does many things throughout the year to help our fellow LMS classmates enjoy their time here. We sponsor the school dances as well as host service project opportunities where we give back to the community that gives us so much.
Yearbook Club 6th-8th The Yearbook Club is a great way to stay involved all year long! Students will learn the skills necessary to put together the final yearbook. If you enjoy creative writing, photography and design, this is the club for you! It is also a wonderful way to meet friends at all grade levels.
You Are Not Alone Club (YANA) 6th-8th YANA is short for You Are Not Alone. The purpose of this club is for quiet, shy students to have the opportunity to meet other quiet, shy students and form friendships. We play games and have guided discussions on topics that middle school students face in their daily lives.