Welcome to Department for Teaching and Learning

  • We are responsible for the organization and maintenance of the District's instructional program. Our primary responsibilities center on curriculum development and alignment, focused staff development, student academic assessment systems, ongoing school improvement programs, and the management of federal, state and private grants that support the instructional plan for our District. We work closely with data management systems to analyze assessment results in order to improve instruction. The department also helps facilitate partnerships between schools, parents, and the community aimed at high student achievement. Development of instructional resources include print, graphic, and electronic materials that provide models of authentic language use, including academic language, in authentic contexts. These instructional resources expand parents' ability to communicate with teachers, to actively engage in their children's schooling, and to participate meaningfully in educational decision making.

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Team Members

  • Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning

  • Coordinator for Teaching and Learning

  • Director of Assessment and Accountability

  • Director of Mulitilingual Learners

  • Executive Secretary

  • Lead Teacher for Math

  • Lead Teacher for Literacy

  • Grant Specialist