Emergency Day e-Learning Plan

  • District 33 schools occasionally close during extreme summer and winter weather.  Late-night snow or ice storms are the most likely reasons for school closing; however, power outages, high summer temperatures, or heating system failure may also be factors. When possible, the administration will make every attempt to determine and communicate school closings by 5:30 AM on the affected day.

    In the event that there is a school closure, the D33 administration may decide to have students participate in e-Learning from home instead of canceling classes. 

    The following factors help determine whether or not to cancel classes and call an “emergency day” or hold classes remotely and call an “e-Learning day”:

    • Time for teachers to prepare ahead of time for e-Learning
    • Availability of devices and access to the internet and resources
    • Type of emergency and duration of the closure 

    If an e-Learning day is called, students should log into Zoom with their classroom teachers and follow the schedule provided for the school day

    Pre-K e-Learning Day Schedule:

    Full-Day Pre-K students will receive 2.5 hours of synchronous time and 2.5 hours of asynchronous time. 
    Half-Day Pre-K students will receive 2.5 hours of synchronous time.  Half-Day students will not have asynchronous time.  

    Pre School

    • Full day PreK ages 3-5, students and parents will need to be present for a 9AM morning meeting or 12:30PM afternoon meeting.  The time is the parents' choice.
    • Half-Day AM Pre-K students and parents will need to be present for a 9:00 AM morning online meeting.
    • Half day PM PreK students and parents will need to be present for a 12:30PM online meeting.
    • The meeting will be recorded for those unable to attend the live session.
    • Attendance will be taken during the morning meeting or when the student and parents view the meeting.
    • Students and families will use choice boards to extend learning after the morning meeting.

    Elementary and Middle School e-Learning Day Schedule:

    Students in grades K-8 will receive the required 5 hours of instruction.  The 5 hours of instruction will include both synchronous and asynchronous time. 


    Each elementary school within District 33 has a detailed schedule that is posted for parents and students to view on the
    District 33 website. Each building has unique needs that will be specifically addressed within their e-Learning schedule.

    • Students will log into Zoom by 8:40 AM.  The school day will end at 3:25 PM.  
    • Students will follow their regular daily schedule on e-Learning days.
    • Students will have lunch/recess at their regularly designated time.
    • Students will receive all content area instruction.
    • Specials (SEL/Health, PE, Art, Music, Library) will occur as normal on e-Learning days. 
    • Movement breaks will be provided to students throughout the day as determined by the classroom teacher.  


    Leman Middle School

    Period 1

    Period 2

    Period 3

    Period 4

    Period 5

    Period 6

    Period 7

    Period 8

    Period 9

    Period 10











    • Students will follow their “regular” 10-period schedule on e-Learning days.
    • Students will have a full period for lunch.
    • Movement breaks will be built into the 80-minute ELA and Math blocks.
    • PE/Health and Exploratories will occur as normal on e-Learning days.


    • Administrators will be available to families, students, and staff to provide support and answer questions throughout the e-Learning day.
    • Administrators will provide printed materials to students as needed when internet services are unavailable.


    • Teachers will take attendance through eSchool as usual to ensure a record of students’ virtual participation. 
    • Teachers will develop lessons that are equivalent to those of a regular school day.
    • All lessons and activities will be aligned to the district curriculum and grade-level standards.
    • Teachers will work remotely during their regular contractual hours.
    • Students with 504 plans will be afforded all reasonable accommodations and modifications outlined in their 504.

    Support Staff:

    • The support staff will work collaboratively with teachers and building administration to support where they are needed on the e-Learning day. 
    • SSA staff will perform their regular duties remotely to the best of their ability. 

    Special Education Services

    • Students will be afforded all reasonable accommodations and modifications outlined in their IEP and/or support plan(s). 
    • LBS1s and Related Service Providers will be available during regular work hours to provide support to their students to the best of their ability. 
    • Related services will be replicated through e-Learning.  If this does not occur, the services will be made up within a reasonable time frame.