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Social Studies in D33

  • Social Studies instruction in D33 focuses on getting students to the “why” and the “how”. Inquiry and Literacy standards are embedded within every unit as students work through History, Civics, Geography, Economics, and Financial Literacy standards based on themes. 

    By the end of 8th Grade, our students will: 

    • Engage in information
    • Be empathetic community members and critical thinkers 
    • Have a global perspective of historical events
    • Understand recurring themes in history 
    • Synthesize information from multiple sources
    • Understand author bias and perspective
    • Understand supply and demand
    • Understand the economic impact of local communities, national communities, and global communities
    • Collaborate
    • Understand the roles in government, communities and societies 
    • Question
  • Curriculum & Standard Alignment

     Elementary Themes

Kindergarten: My Social World

1st Grade: Living, Learning, and Working Together

2nd Grade: Families, Neighborhoods, and Communities

3rd Grade: Communities Near and Far

4th Grade: Our State, Our Nation

5th Grade: Our Nation, Our World

  • Middle School Themes

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade