• Third Trimester


#D33Pride Award Recipients 2021/2022

  • Second Trimester

    Prishi Mehta, preschool student, Winfield

    "Prishi is a model student who supports her teachers and fellow students to follow classroom expectations. She is quick to point out fellow students who make good choices.

    She is a very kind and caring friend who is quick to help friends use their zone tools when in the red or blue zone. She has, on many occasions, helped her friends when they were not feeling well. When her friend hurt her leg, she helped her get up, walk down the hall to class, and get help from a teacher.

    Prishi works hard to make sure our class is a welcoming community, and I can count on her to help new friends understand the expectations in the classroom. She is truly a teacher in training, and we are so lucky to have her in our class."

    ~ Ruheena Padshah, Preschool Teacher

    Brady Deichmiller, third-grade student, Indian Knoll 

    Brady shows leadership both in and out of the classroom. He is always following directions and constantly helping those around him. He is a model student. He is respectful to his peers and all the adults in the building. He begins each day with respect and a positive attitude and always tries to set the best examples.

    Brady has made some great relationships with students in other classrooms. When he sees the teachers may be struggling with some students in the self-contained classrooms, he asks if he can go and offer his help. When he sees those students walking in the hallway, he is very excited to give high fives and say hello. He is always speaking with the adults and other students in the building. When other students walk into the classroom, he will ask them how they are and how their weekend/night was. He is an excellent listener and applies himself to his learning."

    Meagan Mojica, Teacher & Christine Nelson, Social Worker

    Alex Munoz, fourth-grade student, Gary School 

    "Alex Munoz has positively impacted his fourth-grade classroom by assuming the role of a positive peer. He offers ideas to help his classmates work together cooperatively. Alex encourages his peers to try their best and demonstrate expected student behaviors.

    He has shown tremendous caring and kindness towards his peers. He befriends classmates who may need support in some capacity or simply need a friend. Alex has also referred students to the school social worker when he's noticed they needed adult support. Alex has indicated that he follows the motto, "See something, say something." He has reassured his peers that they have done nothing wrong but can seek support from a trusted adult at school.

    Alex has been such an inspiration this school year, and many people at Gary School are so very proud of him."

    ~ Estela Vander Kuyl, Social Worker


  • First Trimester

    Certified Staff
    Lauren Dixon, LEA

     "Lauren is an excellent team player who goes above and beyond! She effortlessly juggles schedules among three schools and is always quick to assist our Gary special education team with questions and challenges we have. Lauren looks out for the best interest of students receiving special education services, as well as other students who are demonstrating struggles in the school setting, by ensuring that our team is considering the whole student, their needs, and best practices for serving them well. Lauren thinks outside the box to solve problems and raises important questions to our team to improve the way we work together and support students.

     ~Leah Baumgart, Gary School, SLP



    Classified Staff
    Missy Day, District COVID Liaison

     "Missy consistently maintained a positive attitude, providing assistance and support for parents by answering their questions and calming their fears. Missy managed hundreds, if not thousands, of emails and phone calls following a survey giving parents the option to Opt-Out of SHIELD testing. In some parts of the community, there was mistrust about this process, but Missy faced hostility and criticism with grace, by responding in a way that demonstrated her true patience and kindness, despite these sometimes challenging conversations. Rather than shy away from these confrontations, Missy approached them enthusiastically, looking at each one as a possibility to build a bridge to a better understanding of the purpose and goal of this program, which was to keep our schools open and our students and staff healthy and safe as schools reopened.

    ~ Kim Wisinski, Director of Student Services