#D33Pride Recipients of 2019/2020

  • First Trimester

    Dana Williams, Para Professional, Wegner School

     "Dana is always willing to do anything she is asked of and that is a lot. She also takes initiative to help not only the students she is assigned to but any student that needs her help. She spends a lot of time with one or two students who really need her help and there is always amazing growth in these students. They never want to leave her."

     ~Kathy Grogan, Wegner School, 2nd Grade Teacher


    Officer Jake Fuller, West Chicago Police Department, School Resource Officer

    "Officer Fuller creates meaningful connections with students that are above and beyond his role as a school resource officer.  He takes time out of his day to read to children, mentor students and positively impact the school environment as a whole. He has creative solutions to problems presented and is always willing to assist."

    "Jake is solutions oriented.  When he saw some gaps in how we were managing safety in our buildings, he went to trainings and brought back a wealth of resources and knowledge for us to draw upon as we developed our building plans."

    ~ Lea DuLuca, Leman Middle School, Principal

    ~Maggie Lay, Leman Middle School,  Asst. Principal