Two-Way Dual Language Philosophy

  • The philosophy of West Chicago Elementary District 33's Dual Language program is to educate our students to become bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural in a global society. Ultimately, we want our students to achieve academic excellence in two languages and attain a multicultural understanding and appreciation for the different cultures represented in the Dual Language program .

The Goals of the Dual Language Program:

    • To foster a multicultural experience that develops students’ cross-cultural communication and promotes cultural pride, assurance and confidence.
    • To enable all students to become proficient in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English and Spanish by the end of 8th grade.
    • To provide instruction that is challenging, engaging, and based on state standards.
    • To encourage parents and community members to support and participate in the education of Second Language Learners.

Dual 2020

Dual language Parent Committments

    • Parents will commit to supporting their child in completing the program (K-5th grade)
    • Parents will commit to donating 10 volunteer hours each school year
    • Parents will commit to attending dual parent advisory meetings and/or workshops

The Dual Language Program Promotes

    • Bilingual education as an enrichment program
    • Greater understanding between two cultures as students learn from one another
    • Equal education access for all students
    • High expectations for all students

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Transportation Available?

  • Will my child fall behind due to learning in two languages?