• Student and Staff Showcase

     The student/staff showcase provides the members of the Board of Education and others in attendance, the opportunity to learn about  innovative lessons and activities that are occurring both inside and outside the classrooms.

  • Celebrating Our Preschool Investigators

    Celebrating Our Preschool Investigators

    Preschool students "sold" donuts to the board members, demonstrating how they learn a variety of skills through play-based learning. The donut cart was an activity that resulted from learning all about bread through the scientific method.

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  •  Gary students share their success with ACCESS testing.

    ACCESS 2022 As Seen Through the Lens of Gary Students

    Gary students shared with the board members the steps they took to improve their scores on the ACCESS test. The power in their progress began with knowing their baseline scores, area of strength, and their focus for growth. Exposure to the exam truly empowered our students to take ownership over their own progress and success!

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  • Ecosystems


    Fifth-grade students at Indian Knoll spent several weeks researching their selected ecosystem.

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  • Success in Kindergarten

    Success in Kindergarten

    Ms. Lorezel and some of her kindergarten students were excited to share with board members the strategies they use to reach their literacy power goals.

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  • Restorative Circles and Active Talking

    Restorative Circles and Active Talking

    Currier approached planning for this school year with tremendous joy and anticipation. Despite the challenges from which we have emerged and the still unknown challenges, we were excited to bring our students back. We know our children and their families are the heartbeats of West Chicago. Their energy and enthusiasm remain the true indicator of the bright future that lies ahead.

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