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Homeschooled Students with Special Needs

Parents who choose to home school their student with special needs have resources available. Please contact Jane Boyd to discuss service options.

Special Education

Special Education in West Chicago

Special education questions can be directed to the building principal or school psychologist. Special education placement is determined by a multidisciplinary team, which considers the student's past and present performance, the result of specific tests or progress monitoring and the findings of specific interviews or reports. Parents are included in these team meetings. District 33 uses a Response to Intervention Model "RtI" to address students needs based on data.   The district also uses "RtI" when determining eligibility for special education services which are provided by a special education teacher. also known as a facilitator. 

In addition, related services including Speech and Language Therapy and Social Worker counseling are also provided.   We work closely with SASED who provide Occupational and Physical Therapy, and other services as needed.

We have several self contained classrooms, a  Preschool Instructional Classroom, English and Bilingual Primary Instructional Classrooms and an Instructional Classroom at Leman Middle School for students with more significant needs. In addtion, some students have needs that can not be met in these settings so these students travel to  specialized programs outside of  this district.

Special Education Services


Psychological Services:   School psychologists provide diagnostic evaluations of individual students, participate in in-service training programs, counsel students and consult with teachers, parents, and administrators.


Social Work Services:  Social workers are employed to work as liaisons between the school, the home, and outside support agencies.  Social workers are also available to consult with parents and teachers.


Speech and Language Therapy:  Speech and language pathologists are available for students, preschool through grade 8, whose speech and/or language interferes with communication and learning.  Therapy services are provided in the general education classroom and in separate individual or small group sessions.   

Special Education Directory

Toni Galan, Director of Student Services [email protected] 630-293-6000 x215

School Psychologists

Trinidad Alvarez,  Pioneer and Early Learning Center [email protected]

Tammy Charvat, Early Learning Center [email protected]

Alice Danilovich, Wegner and Leman Middle School [email protected]

Sarah Heiniger, Indian Knoll [email protected]

Jackie Ramos, Gary and Wegner [email protected]

Lindsay Sharp,  Leman Middle School [email protected]

Donna Williams, Currier and Turner [email protected] 

Social Workers

Yadira Contreras, Pioneer and Wegner [email protected]

Rachael McKenney, Leman Middle School [email protected]

Jesus Serna, Gary and Turner [email protected]

Catherine Peuvion, Currier and Leman Middle School peuvionc@wego33.org

Estella Zurita, Early Learning Center and Indian Knoll [email protected] 

Speech Language Pathologists

Carrie Beale, Indian Knoll [email protected]

Lindsay Durkin, Currier  durkinl@wego33.org

Bridgit Fors, Pioneer [email protected]

Susan Grissom, Leman Middle School [email protected]

Andrea Gustafson, Wegner [email protected]

Lindsey Hoff, Early Learning Center [email protected]

Kerry Kendall, Leman Middle School [email protected]

Lauren Maxon, Turner  maxonl@wego33.org

Andrea McNamara, Early Learning Center [email protected]

Karlen Tolkson, Gary [email protected]

Heidi Wagreich, Early Learning Center [email protected]