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Department of Students Services "Bits and Bites"
December 2017
Transition to High School 
Transition planning is happening for our eighth graders who receive special education services.  On Tuesday, February 27 at 7PM, parents and current eighth graders who are receiving special education services are invited to Leman Middle School to learn about high school.  Information will be shared on registering, daily schedules and other topics that may interest you or your eighth grader.  This night is meant for parents of students who receive special education services.  Flyers will be coming home soon!normal;background:white'> normal;background:white'> 

Special Education Services

Special education services are available to meet the unique learning needs of eligible students. West Chicago School District uses universal screeners for all students to determine if there are any academic or social emotional concerns present. We are moving towards a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) to provide students identified by the screeners extra supports and services to bring performance levels to those of their peers. In some cases schools may choose to do an evaluation to determine if a student is eligible for special education services. If it is determined that the student is eligible for special education, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is developed and implemented


When students are identified as eligible for special education services, academic, social emotional, motor, health, and speech /language learning needs are identified, goals are written, and services determined. When determining services and placement in classes, the least restrictive environment (LRE) is considered. We believe that the LRE for most students is the general education classroom. Some students, however, require more support from a special education teacher for their identified areas of deficit. When a student is in the general education class for the majority of the day, we describe the special education services as a "resource" level of support. For those students who require special education services for a majority of their school day, we describe the special education services as an "instructional" level of support.

 November 2017

 Self-Contained Programming

 District 33 has a variety of programming to meet the needs of special learners:

  • Primary Autism Classroom
  • Intermediate Autism Classroom
  • Multi-Learner Program
  • Successful Transition Education Program (S.T.E.P) 

Primary/Intermediate Autism Classroom – Located in Indian Knoll School  

As the name implies, these classrooms service children with autism who need a very structured environment as well as direct and individualized instruction. 

Multi-Learner Program – Located in Indian Knoll School

This program serves students with intellectual disabilities and utilizes small group, repetitive instruction.  They also infuse daily life skills as needed, such as brushing teeth and combing hair as part of the day. 


This program is located in Pioneer School and this year serves second through fourth graders.  This classroom is highly structured and has daily lessons in social emotional learning taught by the social worker and psychologist.   The goal for students in this classroom is to learn how to cope with the daily ups and down of life in an effective manner.  



District 33 is fortunate to have a nurse in all school buildings.  Our building nurses are either registered nurses (RNs) or licensed practitioner nurses (LPNs). The nurse is there to treat children if they become ill or injured.  They also give students any required medications.  Our nurses care for children with diabetes, seizures, allergies and a variety of other illness.  They accompany students on field trips as needed to ensure our students have access to emergency care if needed while away from school.   We are proud to say we have three district nurses who oversee the building nurses.  Our district nurses have additional schooling that gives them expertise to make educational decisions about students and their medical needs.  Our nurses in District 33 are top notch and we are proud to have them service our students!  Next time you are in your child’s building, stop by the health office and meet our great nurses!  

October 2017

Department Overview

The primary focus of the Department of Student Services is supporting the unique needs of each individual learner to insure success at school. The Department of Student Services is responsible for a variety of programs and services including 504 plans, Special Education, Student Records, physicals, immunization, and health screenings. This department includes the following positions: Psychologists, Social Workers, Speech Pathologists, Nurses and Health Aides.

Department Welcomes New Coordinator

The Department of Student Services welcomed the talented Lori Coomes to join our administrative team as the new Coordinator of Student Services.

Since beginning Ms. Coomes has created some new opportunities for team building within the department including:

· Professional learning teams with job-alike groups within student services.
· Monthly meetings with psychologists, social workers, facilitators and speech pathologists.
o The time is structured to work on job alike issues as well as sharing resources, learning new things and working to strengthen how they team.
· Smaller school based meetings
o Opportunity to build high functioning teams at the building level for student services

We are looking forward to staff feeling the benefit of having the coordinator position. We want them to feel their concerns are addressed quickly, they are supported in their day to day duties and they are able to build strong teams within the buildings.

Piloting New Math Resource Called Equals Math

· Used with our students who are highly discrepant and intellectually impaired.
· Very interactive and hands-on for students.
· Piloted at Leman, Indian Knoll, Pioneer and Wegner.

Awesome Feedback!

LMS Teacher: “It's so great... I'm so in love with this program! And I'm loving watching my kids use the manipulatives and process through the problems, especially when they get them right, but even when they get them wrong. Thank you for offering this to me this year! I couldn't have asked for a better program!”

Parent: “I cannot believe what my daughter was able to show. I was amazed at how she was able to use things to show math processes even though she could not verbally say them.”

One of our teachers, Samantha Crouse, even made it into the company’s newsletter. She impressed them with how she set up her math center for students. They highlighted her organization in the September monthly newsletter.

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