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Navigating the American Educational System (NAES)


NAES is a curricular and training program developed to help Hispanic parents become proficient in navigating the American educational system. The NAES program does culturally what English as a Second Language (ESL) programs do linguistically. NAES is Navigation for natives of other cultures. Often the role of education and the way it functions can be very different from what our Spanish-speaking neighbors know. NAES builds a bridge over this cultural gap. 

Objectives covered in each parent seminar

Seminar 1 will provide Hispanic parents with an understanding of the role of education in the American society and enable these parents to identify and discuss appropriate parental involvement that may improve the academic performance of their children.

Seminar 2 will enable Spanish-speaking parents to explain how to establish a positive and productive connection with the school personnel in order to play a significant role in their children’s education. 

Seminar 3 will empower Spanish-speaking parents to identify and utilize strategies to maximize their children’s academic potential. This includes topics like managing homework, developing reading skills and planning for post-secondary training or education.

Seminar 4 provides Spanish-speaking parents with the ability to recognize problems and develop strategies for dealing with specific issues which Hispanic students may face as hindrances to their academic success.  

How does NAES help Hispanic parents and families?

There is a proven correlation between parental involvement and the academic success of children. Many Hispanic parents are not involved enough in the process of managing their children’s academic success. This is one of the factors that may be the cause a lack of proficiency and lower rates of diploma completion on the part of Hispanic children when compared to other groups of students.