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What do parents need to know about professional development in District 33?

Professional Learning and Mentoring

Professional Development in the Department for Learning

In an effort to increase student achievement this year, District 33 teachers and staff will be involved in several trainings to increase their effectiveness as teachers. As part of our long range ...more

What is Academic Vocabulary Instruction?

What is Academic Vocabulary?

Academic vocabulary is the words critical to understanding the content taught in schools . In identifying academic vocabulary for instruction teachers must remember that n ...more

What is KAGAN Cooperative Learning?

When students are engaged, they pay attention, they're motivated, they learn more, and the learning sticks. If engagement is the key to good instruction, then why doesn't every teacher actively ...more

KAGAN in District 33

kagan Pull up Challenge 1.jpg kagan pull up challenge 2.jpg kagan pull up challenge 4.jpg kagan Rally Coach.jpg Kagan Rally Coach 2.jpg kagan Roundtable.jpg kagan coaching-sarah.JPG 3 TEAM COACHING.JPG Rally Coach 3.jpg Coaching 5.JPG

What is CLIMBS (Content and Language Integration as a Means of Bridging Success)?

CLIMBS (Content and Language Integration as a Means of Bridging Success), is a course designed to raise awareness of the needs of English language learners and foster collaboration among ...more

West Chicago District 33 CLIMBS Training Cohort

photo3.JPG photo 2.JPG photo 6.JPG photo 5.JPG photo 4.JPG

Got Engagement? KAGAN Summer 2012

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