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Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten Registration for children who will be five years old by September 1, 2015 and live within the boundaries of District 33 will take place at each elementary school from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on the following dates:




Registration Date School Principal Phone
Monday, April 13, 2015 Indian Knoll School Matt Bohrer 630-293-6020
  Currier School Josh Dakins 630-293-6600
Tuesday, April 14, 2015 Wegner School Terri Roman 630-293-6400
  Pioneer School Gloria Trejo 630-293-6040
Thursday, April 16, 2015 Gary School Mariel Doty 630-293-6010
  Turner School John Rodriguez 630-293-6050








Parents should accompany their children to school and bring the following documents:

  • Official copy of the child's birth certificate
  • Proof of Residency - a document that indicates the address of the student (mortgage papers, lease, utility bill, etc.)
  • Health record of immunizations (latest date for completion is the first day of school, August 28, 2015)
  • Registration Fees
    • Half-Day Kindergarten: $70.00
    • All-Day Kindergarten: $94.00
    • All-Day Dual Language Kindergarten: $94.00

Fees can be paid at time of registration, on-line or at home school.

Please make checks out to WCSD 33.

Unpaid fees will go to collections on April 1, 2016.





Dual Language  Kindergarten Information Night

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 at Gary Elementary School from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Learn about the Dual Language Kindergarten option.


Options for Kindergarten


All-Day Kindergarten (8:25 a.m. - 2:45 p.m.)

All-day kindergarten offers students the same core curriculum as the half-day option. However, the all-day option allows more time for literacy, language development and re-teaching, in addition to lunch and recess. Students will also participate in art, music and physical education classes. Students may be placed at their neighborhood school or transported to another school in order to balance class sizes.




Dual Language All-Day Kingergarten (8:25 a.m. - 2:45 p.m.)  

This program is ONLY offered as an all-day option and ONLY at Gary School. The Dual Language program is a K-5th grade commitment. The goals of the Dual Language program are the same as the general education program with the additional goal of bilingualism and bi-literacy in English and Spanish.


Important Facts about the Dual Language Program

  • Applications for the Dual Language program are ONLY accepted in KINDERGARTEN.
  • Due to the popularity of this program, student applications for the Dual Language program MUST be received by Friday, April 17, 2015 in order to be included in the lottery.
  • Students applying for Dual Language kindergarten are selected from a lottery and parents are informed in June of the lottery outcome.
  • Student applications that are not selected from the lottery will be placed on a summer waiting list.
  • Openings that occur before the first day of school will be filled with the students from the summer waiting list through a new lottery process.
  • Enrollment for Dual Language kindergarten will be CLOSED on the first day of school.
  • Students that live in the Gary School attendance area that are NOT selected or choose NOT to apply for the Dual Language kindergarten program will NOT RETURN TO GARY SCHOOL for 1st through 5th grade.


Dual Language Kindergarten Information Night

Learn more about the Dual Language Kindergarten/Program

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 at Gary School from 5:30-6:30 p.m.




Half-Day Kindergarten (8:25 a.m. - 10:50 a.m.)


The half-day kindergarten program option is a general education program model. Students receive core instruction in all subject areas. Students that are second language learners may receive support in their native language (Spanish) in order to acquire English. Students who are English proficient will receive all instruction in English. Students may be placed at their neighborhood school or transported to another school in order to balance class sizes. The half-day option is NOT available to students in the Dual Language program. 








Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the school registration fees for the kindergarten options?

A:        Half-Day Kindergarten           $70

           All-Day Kindergarten             $94

           All-Day Dual Language          $94


Registration fees can be paid:

  • At the time of registration
  • Online at www.wego33.org
  • At the neighborhood school office


Please make checks payable to WCSD 33.



Q: Where do I register my child if I am interested in the all-day Dual Language kindergarten program?

A: You must register your child at their neighborhood school regardless of program choice. For questions about which school is in your attendance area, call 630-293-6000.


Q:  What can we expect on the day of registration?


A: The principal will be available for questions about the school. Students who speak a language other than English in the home will be given an assessment of their ability to speak English. Parents will receive assistance with registration forms.


Q: Am I guaranteed that my child will attend kindergarten at their neighborhood school?


A: No. Although your child will register at their neighborhood school, that does not guarantee they will attend kindergarten at their neighborhood school. District 33 works to ensure equitable class sizes for kindergarten therefore we cannot guarantee attendance at your neighborhood school. To keep class sizes down, kindergarten enrollment will be based on an equal balance of students per kindergarten classroom across the district. You will be informed of your child’s school assignment in August. All-Day Dual Language kindergarten is only offered at Gary School.


Q: If my child does not attend his/her neighborhood school for kindergarten, will he/she be allowed to return to his/her neighborhood school for 1st through 5th grade? 


A: Yes.  Kindergarten students who were not placed at their neighborhood school will have the option to return to their neighborhood school for 1st-5th grade. If you are interested in your child remaining in the school they attended for kindergarten, you may access the district’s open enrollment procedure by contacting your school secretary. EXCEPTION:  Students who live in the Gary School attendance area who are NOT enrolled in Dual Language kindergarten will NOT be able to return to Gary School for 1st through 5th grade.



Q: Can I choose morning or afternoon kindergarten if I enroll my child in the half-day kindergarten program?


A: No. Half-day kindergarten is only available in the morning from 8:25am - 10:50am. 


Q: Why does District 33 think that all-day kindergarten is better than half-day kindergarten for children?


A: The district researched the benefits of all-day kindergarten. All-day kindergarten programs provide children with opportunities to spend more time engaged in active, educational activities. These students are better prepared for first grade than half-day students (Stofflet, 2008). In addition, all-day kindergarten students experience significantly greater growth in reading prerequisite skills than half-day students (da Costa, 2000). By providing a full-day of instruction, teachers have the opportunity for reteaching and enrichment of foundational skills necessary for students’ success in school.


Q: Will my kindergarten child be ready for a full day of school? Won't my child be tired?


A: Our kindergarten teachers have found that students transition very easily to a full day of school because the day is full of activity that keeps students engaged. While a full day of school may be a new experience for some students, they adapt very quickly and our teachers are experienced in making our youngest students feel happy and comfortable while in school all day.

Q: Will I be required to pay for transportation? 

A: No. District 33 provides transportation for any student who lives 1.5 miles or more from the school they will attend. Students who chose and are selected for the Dual Language program are transported from their neighborhood school to Gary School.