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District 33's Emergency Management Plan

Our thoughts and sympathy are with the Connecticut school district that has experienced an unimaginable tragedy today. In response to this tragedy, District 33 and West Chicago Police Department would like to remind our families of District 33’s Emergency Management Plan:

  •  Our staff and students regularly participate in drills to assure preparedness in the case of an emergency.
  • Every school building in District 33 has security measures in place to monitor and when necessary restrict access to the building.
  • In District 33, we believe the safety of students, staff and visitors is of utmost importance.  Therefore, safety is the responsibility of everyone and must be consistently integrated into our attitudes and daily routines. 
  • The District has a long relationship partnering with the community to develop and implement an emergency management plan to ensure preparedness through ongoing training and planning.  

 If an event should occur which would cause an emergency response to be implemented, all staff and students would either go into a “lockdown” or a “restricted access”.

Lockdown versus Restricted AccessWhat is LOCKDOWN?


LOCKDOWN is initiated when there is a threat of violence or serious incident that might put students and staff in jeopardy.  LOCKDOWN is used to prevent intruders from entering occupied areas of the building.  The concept of LOCKDOWN is a “no one in, no one out” scenario.  During LOCKDOWN, all exterior doors are locked, and students and staff are to remain in the classrooms or designated locations at all times.  Teachers and other school staff are responsible for accounting for students and ensuring that no one leaves the safe area. 

 The students and staff practice lockdown procedures throughout the school year to assure the procedure runs properly. 

In the event of an actual lockdown, District administration will cooperate with emergency responders such as the West Chicago Police Department. 

 An automated phone notification system announcement from the District will be made explaining the situation. A request will be made that parents and guardians do not call or go to the school.  Additional messages will be sent out as information becomes available.  

 In order to minimize risk, we need parents and guardians to stay away from the areas allowing emergency responders to do their job.


Restricted Access is implemented if there is a threat outside the building such as a potentially dangerous person outside; access is restricted in and out of the building.  Everyone must enter through the main doors.  The students and staff will carry on their daily routine inside the building without any outdoor activities.

 During restricted access, the school staff will closely control access to visitors and all visitors will be escorted to and from their destination. Only the main doors of the building will be in use.

 An automated phone notification system announcement from the District may be made explaining the situation. A request will be made that parents and guardians do not call or go to the school.  Additional messages will be sent out as information becomes available.

Please contact your building Principal if you have any questions. Thank you for your support and attention to the safety of our community.

Click on the link below for tips on speaking with children about violence.


Posted by: Gina Steinbrecher Published:12/14/12
Audience: Homepage