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Hello, and welcome to Leman Middle School! We are truly excited to get to know your student and we look forward to an enjoyable year ahead. We are extremely passionate about our role as counselors and we expect a fun and educational year with your child!

Ways to Ensure Success in Middle School

Success in middle school can set the stage for your child's success in high school, college, and in life. Middle school brings about challenges as well as many opportunites. As a parent, you play a big role in helping your child make a successful transition to middle school. Below are twelve ways that you can help:

  • Share a positive attitude
  • Get to know the school together
  • Set up a study space
  • Teach your child to be organized
  • Help your child learn good social skills
  • Talk about bullying
  • Learn school policies
  • Talk about peer pressure
  • Encourage your child to get involved
  • Help your child stay on top of his/her schoolwork
  • Be an active parent
  • Stay connected with your child

Cyberbullying: Things to Know

Cyberbullying occurs when someone sends hurtful messages online or by cell phone. Cyberbullying comes in many forms and examples include: writing rude comments, spreading rumors, and posting embarrassing pictures. This is such a serious issue that the State of Illinois recently passed legislature outlawing the use of the Internet to harass someone, determining that violators could even be punished by time in prison. As a parent, you can help your child prevent cyberbullying by limiting the sharing of personal information (such as his/her email address and cell phone number). A child who receives an inappropriate email or text should not respond, but instead tell a trusted adult about the situation. By taking these precautions, you can help your child to become a savvy user of technology.

"The time is always right to do what is right"

~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dealing With Bullies

If you are a victim of a bully or a bystander, you are not helpless! Here are some things that you might try:

  • Tell a friend: It's tougher to pick on a person who has someone there for support.
  • Walk away: It's hard to bully someone who won't stand still and listen!
  • Chill out: Don't show emotion! It's not fun to bully someone who doesn't seem to care.
  • Try not to be alone: Always try to be with a friend, especially during unsupervised times.
  • Don't fight back: That could make the situation much worse!
  • Write it down: Keep track of places, times, and dates--then share with a trusted adult.

Great Expectations

Middle School is a time of change and adaptation in many ways. Academically, middle school starts the move to more challenging subjects and harder assignments for your child. As a parent, there are many ways that you can help your child meet the challenges of middle school academics:

  • Stay Positive: Your child will feed off of your attitude and opinions, so do your best to keep them upbeat! Praise your child's school accomplishments and be respectful of teachers and the school, even if you don't always agree with them. Additionally, it's important to set high expectations for your child--encourage him/her to take on harder projects or more difficult tasks whenever possible. When you expect a lot, it shows your child that you believe he/she can succeed.
  • Support Learning at Home:You were your child's very first teacher, helping him/her learn to crawl, walk, talk, count, and read. This role shouldn't end just because your child is getting older. One of the best things that you can do is to have your child read every day. To further support what your child is learning in the classroom, help him/her set up a good homework routine.
  • Teach Organization and Other Important Skills:Now that your child is getting older, he/she will likely be able to take on some additional responsibilities...doing so calls for organization and time management skills. Start by helping your child set up a schedule of activities and responsibilities both at home and at school, then teach your child how to prioritize what needs to be done when. As part of this, show him/her how to break big projects into smaller more manageable steps. This will help to make these new tasks and responsibilities easier to schedule and tackle.

(Adapted from Parent Corner--Middle School Edition)


Mrs. Lindy Ayala

6th Grade Counselor

630-293-6060 x 1081

[email protected]

Ms. Lori Koch

7th Grade Counselor

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[email protected]

Mrs. Graciela Moreno

8th Grade Counselor

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Parent Resources
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Middle School Survival Tips
  • Complete all homework assignments daily
  • Come to school every day
  • Communicate between teachers and parents
  • Get involved in sports and clubs
Student Ambassador

Student Ambassadors assist in greeting new students, helping out with evening events,  and at times are the "sounding board" for new ideas. Student Ambassadors have been identified by their team teachers to be kind; friendly; conscientious; and most importantly, great representatives of LMS.  We are proud and appreciative of the work that they do! 

Student Ambassadors:
6 Red Team
Trevor Vincent
Audrey Dolor
6 White Team
Ivan Hernandez
Ariana Alquisiera 
6 Blue Team
Michael Rivea
Melanie Coss 
7 Red Team
Javier Garcia
Trinity Ross 
7 White Team
Abraham Hernandes
Arely Servin Alanis
7 Blue Team
Mason Wright
Hannah Radousky 
8 Red Team
Jacob Ocon
Aylin Donato 
8 White Team
Jose Castellanos
Stephanie Juarez 
8 Blue Team
Caleb Phillips
Annette Barron 
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