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The vision of the D33 technology plan is that the students, staff and community of District 33 will achieve technological literacy essential for their success as life-long learners. They will be empowered with the knowledge to use technology and have adequate access to that technology. The District will plan proactively to accommodate future developments in funding, student demographics, and facility management and will continue to review and assess new and engaging technologies on an annual basis.

District 33 promotes the integration of computer technology throughout the curriculum in order to enhance students’ learning and thought processes; their ability to search for, locate, and analyze information; and their ability to communicate information, concepts, and perspectives to others. This philosophy encourages student learning beyond the classroom setting and recognizes the importance of access to information throughout the world.
Lead Teacher for Instructional Technology
Barsotti, Carol
Lead Teacher for Instructional Technology 
Boyk, Tom
Lead Teacher for Instructional Technology
Kelly, Enda
Lead Teacher for Instructional Technology
Tenhor, Taryn
System Analyst 
Dieterle, Scott
System Analyst
Fernandez, Daisy 

Director of Technology  
Venchus, Dave
 630-293-6000 ext.  1230
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