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Team Six Red

Math - Mr. Schlender


Current Outcome:

Periods 1, 2, 3, & 5:  6.5.0 - Expressions

Period 6:  6.6.0 - Equations & Inequalities


Links for Tutorials, Practice, & Review

Freckle.com - The site is a source for extra practice in a variety of areas. Each students has a username and password for this site and should use the site on a regular basis for practice and review.  

Social Studies - Mrs. Smith

Ancient Civilizations 
Course Purpose: Students will analyze the influences leading to the development of and change within world civilizations.
1st Quarter
Outcome SS.06.01 Students will analyze the impact of place and technology to explain the development of civilizations.
Ancient Egypt
Outcome SS.06.02 Students will identify the importance of REGION and the impact of social systems on the development of civilizations.
2nd Quarter
Ancient China
Outcome SS.06.03 Students will evaluate the relationships between PLACE and REGION along with technology, social systems, and economics in the development of civilizations. 
Native North America and South America
Outcome SS.06.04 Students will analyze and characterize the interactions civilizations have with each other and their environment.
3rd Quarter 
Ancient Greece and Rome
Outcome SS.06.05 Students will examine and describe how civilizations have changed over time. Students will characterize how movement of people and ideas have allowed civilization to develop and change. 
4th Quarter
Medieval Europe
SS.06.06 Students will examine how changes in social systems can lead to the fall and rebirth of civilizations. 
West Chicago
SS.06.07 Students will explain the geographic features along with the social systems of West Chicago. 
resources and additional information. 

Literature- Ms. Gilleylen


Science- Miss Brown

What goes up ----Must come down!  Why does that happen? Why do I work so hard to move something that is heavy?  How is a roller coaster designed?
How does a cell phone work?   Am I "magnetic"?  Why do some chemicals combine and others don't?
Our year starts with the principles of physics, wave, light, and magnetism. In the second half, we explore the principles of Chemical Interactions and Engineering Design. Students will develop problem-solving and investigative skills to "Think Like A Scientist". We will become informed of Science in the News through reading non-fiction text in news articles, magazines, and online sites such as sciencenewsforstudents.org or timeforkids.com/news-archive/Science  Two Current Events reports/reflections are due each quarter.

Language Arts - Ms. Snyder

Google Classroom


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Team Six Red

Brittnee Gilleylen
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Rachel Brown
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Rachel Ruschmeyer
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Dan Schlender
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Sara Smith
Social Studies
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Jessica Snyder
Language Arts
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Student Schedule

1st hour 7:55 - 8:40
2nd hour 8:44 - 9:25
3rd hour 9:29 - 10:10
4th hour 10:14 - 10:55 (Homeroom 10:14-10:20)
5th hour 10:59 - 11:40
6th hour 11:44 - 12:25
7th hour 12:29 - 1:10
8th hour 1:14 - 1:55
9th hour 1:59 - 2:40

Students must leave the building by 2:55 p.m. unless supervised by a teacher.
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