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Below, you will find a schedule for the week in each class. If you have questions, contact the teacher for that class.

Abajo, encontrará un horario de la semana en cada clase. Si tiene preguntas, póngase en contacto con el maestro de esa clase.

HOMEwork: december 11-15
LANGUAGE ARTS (MS. HERMAN):  We are continuing our practice for the Narrative Essay Outcome in January.
Monday: Rough draft  of War of the Worlds 1938 is due Friday- you need to be on your fourth paragraph by tomorrow!  Work at home if you need to.
Tuesday: Second meeting with teacher for editing workshop.  Make any changes to your first draft.
Wednesday: We will continue creating and revising our Twilight Zone stories.
Thursday: Last day to meet with teacher for editing conferences!  Finishing our rough draft.  Study for Bell Work Quiz.
Friday:  Bell Work Quiz!  Then finishing and submitting rough draft of The War Of The Worlds 1938 Narrative essays.
SCIENCE (MR. BROWN): The 4th current events assignment was distributed 11/27 and is due 12/15.
Monday: Magnetism station rotations (no HW)
Tuesday: Electromagnetism lab (no HW)
Wednesday: Electromagnetism lab (no HW)
Thursday: Magnetism vocab flipbook (HW: current events due tomorrow)
Friday: Magnetism vocab flipbook (no HW)
MATH (MS. TAYLOR): Students should now be using calculators for all assignments; they should bring calculators to class every day.
Monday: periods 3, 4, 5, 7 study for Outcome Assessment; period 9 finish packet 11.1
Tuesday: periods 3, 4, 5, 7 study for Outcome Assessment; period 9 finish workbook pages 144-145 
Wednesday: periods 3, 4, 5, 7 no homework; period 9 reflection worksheet (2 sides)
Thursday: periods 3, 4, 5, 7 worksheet; period 9 reflection worksheet (2 sides)
Friday: TenMarks assignment; 20 minutes of TenMarks jam sessions practice

Monday: Props and costumes for the Egypt play should be done by tomorrow
Tuesday: China's Geography (No HW)
Wednesday: HW-Complete the China region summary
Thursday: Egypt Play Performance today!
Friday: No HW

LITERATURE (MRS. CANNIZZO): Read 20-30 minutes each night! Bring your library book home or read a book, article or magazine of your own! Reading a little bit each day strengthens your knowledge about the world around you, your vocabulary skills, your problem solving skills, and your imagination! 

Monday: Working on Egypt Play Scripts
Tuesday: Last day to work on Egypt Play Scripts
Wednesday: Play Rehearsal and Finalizing Props
Thursday: Egypt Play Performances
Friday: Egypt Play Performances (Last Day)

Monday: mood and tone (no HW)
Tuesday: mood and tone (no HW)
Wednesday: mood and tone (no HW)
Thursday: play performances
Friday: play performances

Monday: STAR testing
Tuesday:  unit 3, lesson 5 (worksheet for HW)
Wednesday: unit 3, lesson 4 and 5 problem solving activities (no HW)
Thursday: unit 3, lesson 4 and 5 problem solving activities, quiz review (no HW)
Friday: unit 3, quiz 1 (no HW)


Homeroom   7:40 - 7:51 
1st hour        7:55 - 8:40
2nd hour       8:44 - 9:25
3rd hour       9:29 - 10:10
4th hour       10:14 - 10:55
5th hour       10:59 - 11:40
6th hour       11:44 - 12:25 (Homeroom/Lunch)
7th hour       12:29 - 1:10
8th hour       1:14 - 1:55 (TAP)
9th hour       1:59 - 2:40
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Social Studies: Mrs. Hooser
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Language Arts: Ms. Herman
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Literature: Mrs. Cannizzo 
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Inclusion Facilitator: Mrs. Van Dorn
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