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Leman Middle School Cell Phone Policy:

Leman Middle School is adopting a school-wide cell phone procedure. In an effort to support student safety, students are allowed to have cell phones on campus. Students must adhere to the following rules regarding cell phone use:

  • Cell phones must be turned off at all times, including during all school activities, both in and out of the building.

  • Cell phones are never allowed to be taken into the restrooms and locker rooms, according to Public Act 093-0851 .

  • Placing a cell phone on vibrate or texting is not considered “off” and is prohibited. Staff can ask at anytime to check if a phone is truly off. If a student refuses the phone check, it will be considered noncompliance and consequences will be issued. If the phone is on, that is considered an offense and appropriate consequences will follow. *See below.

  • Using a cell phone to record or take video is prohibited anywhere on campus and on buses.

If a student is found in violation of this procedure, the following discipline will be administered, and all offenses will be documented.:


  • The student will be issued a verbal warning to make sure the cell phone is off and away.


  • The student will be issued a verbal warning to make sure the cell phone is off and away. Parents and guardians will be notified by teacher.


  • The student will be issued a verbal warning to make sure the cell phone is off and away. The teacher will issue an after-school detention.


  • The student will receive an office referral for insubordination.

Additionally, any violation of this procedure which causes or involves a distraction or interruption of the instructional environment or leads to the violation of other district rules or policies will be subject to disciplinary action according to the LMS Handbook. Failure to comply with a staff directive regarding a cell phone will be considered as failure to comply with authority and subject to disciplinary action according to the handbook. If parents need to contact a student during the school day, they are requested to contact the school office for assistance. If students need to use a phone during the school day, they must use a school phone, which is made available to students with appropriate permission. District personnel are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged cell phone or electronic devices.

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