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Homework Hotline: Assignments for the week of  Dec. 11-Dec. 15
Content Areas:  
Mon.  Dec. 11- P. 221-223  #4-12, 14,15,17
Tuesday, Dec. 12 - 5.3 Practice Set A  #1-8
Wed., Dec. 13 - P. 228-229  #2,5,7,9,11,15
Thur.  Dec. 14 - 5.4 Practice Set A  #1-5,7
Fri.  Dec. 15 - Take Home Quiz
Monday: Plant and Animal Cell Foldable
Tuesday: Plant and Animal Cell Foldable
Wednesday: Google Classroom Assignment- 8.1.2 Cell Theory
Thursday: Due today- Google Classroom assignment
Friday: All late work due! Have a great weekend!
Monday: Weekly Reading Log due Friday. Intro to Edgar Allan Poe assignment on Google Classroom due Tomorrow
Tuesday: Weekly Reading Log due Friday
Wednesday: Weekly Reading Log due Friday
Thursday: Weekly Reading Log due Friday
Friday: Have a good weekend!
Monday: Finish Narrative due Wednesday
                               Tuesday: Finish Narrative due Wednesday
                               Wednesday: Finish Narrative due at the end of the day
                               Thursday: Narrative Outcome Assessment
                               Friday:  Narrative Outcome Assessment
Monday- Space Race Comic Strip
Tuesday-  Space Race Comic Strip and Space Race Poster
Wednesday- North Korea Notes
Thursday-  North Korea Notes
Friday-  DMZ Notes
 Facilitated Literature
Monday 9/19-Character traits assess worksheet 
CHAMPS Tickets
 CHAMPS Tickets
Students receive a paper ticket for "doing good", whether it be getting an A on a test, helping a person in the hall who dropped materials, volunteering for a difficult job, or complimenting a peer!  These tickets can be used to purchase items at the CHAMPS Store.
Earn Money for LMS
Box Tops for Education
Please help our school PTO raise money for student experiences by purchasing items which contain the Box Tops for Education stamp.  Follow the link below to find out more on what Leman Middle School does to support Box Tops for Education.
Team Teachers
Team Teachers
Language Arts
Ms. Osmanski
Extension: 2020 
Ms. Gilleylen
Extension: 2026
Mr. Williams
Extension:  2009 
Mrs. Gentile
Social Studies 
Mr. Hintz
Extension: 2022 
Facilitating Teacher
Ms. Ghan
Extension: 2015
Team Cell Phone Policy

Cell Phone Procedure

Leman Middle School is adopting a school-wide cell phone procedure. In an effort to support student safety, students are allowed to have cell phones on campus. Please click on the link to see a detailed description of the Cell Phone Policy.

Important Dates
MAP Testing- 9/14
D33 Technology Fair- Leman Middle School Cafeteria: See classroom technology, learn about educational websites you can use at home, REGISTER FOR ON-LINE REPORT CARDS!! 
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