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West Chicago District 33 invites you to apply to become part of our extraordinary team of educators!  

Our cooperating teachers are educators who are passionate about education, make decisions based on what is best for our students, and are always eager to learn and share strategies and ideas to continue inspiring our students in the classroom. 

In addition, our cooperating teachers have proven records on the following criteria:

  1. Educator experience (at least three years of experience)

  2. Positive impact on student learning

  3. Collaboration with colleagues

  4. Mentoring and Professional Development 

West Chicago District 33 works in partnership with accredited colleges and universities in the  placement of student teaching to provide you with the best experience possible!

At West Chicago District 33, you will feel as if you had signed your first teaching contract! 



Less than 30 hours

Student Teaching


(Psychs, SWs, SLPs)





Who to Contact (all of our schools are dual language)

Early Childhood Center - Mrs. Santiemmo, AP 

Currier Elementary - Mrs. Barros, AP

Gary Elementary (2-way dual school) -

Mr. Canna, AP

Indian Knoll Elementary - Mrs. Deno, AP

Pioneer Elementary - Mrs. Solis, AP

Turner Elementary - Mr. Marroquin, AP

Wegner Elementary - Ms. Kenney, AP

Leman Middle School -  Mrs. Correa, AP, Mrs. Lay, AP, Mrs. Lewis, AP

Building Principal


Form to be filled out by student 

Human Resources

Contact Miss Galvez, HR Specialist

Student Services


Preschool and Elementary Grades

Mr. Kallstrom, Coordinator of Student Services

Mr. Bulava, Middle School Grades

Coordinator of Student Services

Criminal Background Check

Building’s Raptor System

Volunteering Process

FBI/State Fingerprinting

FBI/State Fingerprinting






Student Teacher MUST fill out the application online including the university letter of request, transcripts and a resume in order to be considered for a placement. Your university MUST also contact the Department of Human Resources to recommend the student teacher placement. 

Students interested in Internships under Psychology, Social Worker or Speech Language Pathologists MUST fill out the application online including the university letter of request, transcripts and a resume in order to be considered for a placement.

To be considered for a student teaching placement or internship in our District you will be required to pass a background check and furnish evidence of a physical to perform assigned duties and freedom from communicable disease.  

Once your application is completed and submitted, West Chicago District 33 will make every effort to find a placement opportunity in one of our schools. Please understand that completion of the Student Teacher or Internship Application  does not guarantee placement.

Apply Online 

Failure to upload documents will delay the application process.


After the initial application screening, applicants may be invited to interview by the department of Teaching and Learning, Student Services or by a Building Administrator. An offer of an interview is not a guarantee of placement. Requests will be processed based on student teacher/internship requirements and qualifications and the number of cooperating teachers available in content requested areas. When a placement request is approved or denied, both the student teacher/intern applicant and their university will receive a formal acceptance or rejection notification by email from the department of human resources. 


  • You or your University should not contact schools, principals, or teachers about student teaching/internship placements directly.

  • Respond promptly to any communication you receive from the department of human resources.

  • Always keep your e-mail contact information prominent and current.

Students who have been approved for a student teacher placement or internship with District 33 will need to provide the following documents prior to their placement to the Human Resources Department:

  • A physical exam (fitness for duty) must be performed by a licensed healthcare provider stating that the individual is healthy and free of communicable diseases.

    •  Pick up the form at the district office (312 E Forest Avenue, West Chicago, IL)
  • A fingerprint background check.

    • Pick up the form at the district office (312 E Forest Avenue, West Chicago, IL)

    • Must make a payment of $29.75 in order to receive the form (exact cash or check only)

    • Background check must be completed at the West Chicago Police Department. 

    • Results can take up to 2 weeks to arrive. It’s highly recommended that you take care of this as soon as possible. Once your results are received, you will be contacted to begin your student teaching experience!


The number of student teachers and interns accepted varies from year to year based upon the number of available cooperating teachers in the content area, program changes and other district factors.

First Priority: 

Dual Language (Spanish) Students and Bilingual Psychologists 

Due to our school having a robust dual language program Preschool through Middle School, we are committed to placing at a minimum, 2 dual language (Spanish) student teachers per school. We are also seeking student teachers whose placement is in the area of Middle School Grades 5th - 8th Dual Language (Spanish) in Language Arts and Social Studies. 

Second Priority: 

Current Educational Support Personnel/District Employees Any non-certified district employee who is majoring in education while working for the District may opt to student teach in one of our schools. During the student teacher placement, District employees must take a leave of absence for the entire semester from their current positions. 

Dual Language Students in other languages or Dual Language Students in other content areas. This could be bilingual student teachers in areas such as special education, or middle school grade levels in Math and Science. 

Speech Language Pathologists

Third Priority: 

Other Applicants who do not meet any of the above priority areas may be considered based on the number of available cooperating teachers.


You will feel you are part of our team of extraordinary educators!

Yow will be guaranteed a job interview in our District!

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