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#D33Pride Award Recipients 2018/2019
Recipients of the 3rd Quarter
Jennifer Ptak, Indian Knoll, Parent 
Mrs. Ptak is always ready and willing to help Indian Knoll in any way possible.  She is always leading with a good example and kindness. She leads the fifth grade leadership committee at Indian Knoll. As a PTO member, she lead the fifth graders to help raise donations of hygiene products for the DuPage Homeless Shelter.  An abundance of shampoo, toilet paper, soap and other toiletries were donated by the students.
~ Lori Goranson, Nurse, Indian Knoll
Megan Czervionke, Turner Elementary, Art Teacher
Megan is a great teacher who has worked towards creating a safe environment in her classroom where students can explore and create. She uses a program called TAB in her teaching where students explore their Artistry by creating projects that they create on their own and can express themselves. She promotes care and excitement for the students to help them explore their own talents in whatever artist methods they want to explore. She is also part of the mentor program at Turner where she works with a student to show them that they have a safe place or someone to talk to in need. This student has a hard time in other subjects but with her help, he has been able to express himself or show excitement for learning in Art due to her mentoring. 
~ Sara Wright, Turner Elementary, Music Teacher 
Recipients of the Second Quarter
Richard Burns, SASED, OT
Mr. Richard Burns has many students on his case load, however, is willing to share materials with all the students in the classroom. Having a child with sensory needs, Mr. Burns came into the classroom to show all of the students ways the seat cushions, sensory balls, and other therapy equipment can help learning. Richard showed the students how to fold paper airplanes and offered feedback on how aerodynamics help the flight of planes.  As a motivational strategy, Mr. Burns is having one of his students create large wall size murals of Chicago and New York City.  Come by Currier to see the murals, they are amazing. Mr. Richard Burns is truly dedicated and devoted to the students at Currier Elementary School. We are truly blessed to have him. 
 ~Anna Leuer, Teacher, Currier School 
Maria Gonzalez, Secretary
Her knowledge of the community and the families in D33 makes her  irreplaceable.  On any given day, she can support families that have needs, help families in a multitude of ways, support staff by providing background information and connect necessary dots.  Often as the Gary building secretary she allows students to stay after school in the office while they wait for their parents because she knows their work schedule or special circumstances.  She is the first line of defense for assisting families register, complete forms, figure out what they need to do in different situations, or get the assistance they need. 
~ Stephanie Drake, Principal of Gary School  
Recipients of the First Quarter
Mike G, Head Custodian
"Mike's friendliness, positive attitude, graciousness, and pride make the entire Gary Family proud that he was with us.  Everyone is the building has commented about how nice and friendly he is.  Students this week have commented about how they want to keep the lunchroom clean for Mr. Mike." 
Stephanie Drake, Principal, Gary School  
Marielle Reach, Facilitator at Indian Knoll School 
 "Marielle works with her entire classroom team of paraeducators, co teachers, and the interdisciplinary team (principal, OT, PT,) etc. to ensure that each student has an individualized education plan that truly draws on their strengths and interests as well as their academic abilities."
"She is friendly and warm towards her fellow peers, students and staff and takes ample opportunities throughout the day to praise her students and is gentle and empathic when her students struggle."


"Every single day, Marielle comes into the classroom ready to impact her students' lives. She demonstrates patience and compassion with each student she teaches, no matter how difficult a day they or she may be having. She always frames difficult information in a positive context."

~ Melissa Buckles Haley 

Jenna Spaniol, Indian Knoll, Para Professional
"Jenna is a paraprofessional in our Multi-Learner Program classroom at Indian Knoll.  She is a leader because she helps educate all other paras and staff in our building about our students and their specific needs.  
If she sees a student in our room struggling, she is the first person to try problem solving and finding ways to improve the situation.  She goes home and studies different programs and therapies to educate herself on how to better meet the needs of our kids."

"Her kindness, dedication, and enthusiasm has led to students communicating with us adults, when all others doubted these children could ever express themselves.  We are so blessed to have Jenna in our students' lives! The parents of our kids love her as well!"

Marielle Reach, Facilitator, Indian Knoll School  

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