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Programs and Services
District 33 is proud to offer the following programs and services as part of our regular educational programming.

General Education

Curriculum: Instruction in reading, mathematics, science, social studies, and physical education is provided.

Fine Arts: Instruction in Art and general music is provided for all students. Band, Orchestra, drama and choral music are provided at the Middle School.

School Libraries: Each K-8 Library Learning Center has a full-time certified teacher.

Computer Labs: A computer lab with Internet access is provided at all K-8 schools. An additional computer writing lab and Technology Center are provided at the Middle School.

Technology Integration: Students at all grade levels have access to computers and instructional software. Teachers are encouraged to integrate technology into their instructional activities when appropriate.

Special Programs

Title I Program: This program is provided for students experiencing difficulties in reading at eligible schools. Emphasis is on early intervention in grades K-3.

Gifted Education (G.A.T.E.): Differentiated instruction may be provided in the regular classroom as well as with a specialist in the areas of reading and mathematics for qualifying students. Students in 6th - 8th grade may be eligible for advanced placement in mathematics.

Problem Solving/Response to Intervention: This service delivery model merges general and special education resources to support the development of intervention-rich environments for all students. Effective problem-solving relies on functional assessments of student needs, more usable information for classroom teachers, and frequent monitoring of student progress resulting in improvements in learning.

WeGo Together for Kids: WeGo Together for Kids is an innovative initiative of children, families, and the community in District 33 working together to promote health, safety, and well-being. Through coordination of community resources and programs, families are provided information and services to support their child’s healthy development so that all children come to school ready to learn.

Special Education Programs

A full continuum of services are provided to meet individual needs. Students may receive inclusive support with specialized instruction in their home schools, special education classrooms, or programs outside our district. SASED provides many additional services.

Second Language Learners

Bilingual Program: Self contained classrooms in grades K-8 provide a transitional program of instruction for English language learners in all schools. Students have a general education classroom experience before exiting the program once they have demonstrated a thorough knowledge of academic English.

Dual Language Program: Promotes bilingualism, biliteracy, and biculturalism for participating students. Students begin the program in kindergarten, and will be literate in reading, writing, and speaking in both English and Spanish by the end of 6th grade. This program is currently housed at Gary School.

English as a Second Language: Services provided in general education classrooms for students whose first language is not English.

Early Childhood Education

Project HOPE: Birth to age 3 program emphasizes child development, parent activities, and community collaboration.

Project CARE: Program for children ages 3-4 who are identified through screening as being at-risk for academic failure. The program is experiential, developmentally appropriate, and designed to meet the needs of individual children. Classes are located at the Early Learning Center.

Pupil Personnel Services

Health Services: Full time nurses and full time health aides are assigned to each building. They assist in developing school health programs, obtain health histories, maintain student health records, administer doctor-prescribed medications, provide first aid and monitor hearing and vision screenings.

Psychological Services: School psychologists provide diagnostic evaluations of individual students, participate in in-service training programs, counsel students and consult with teachers, parents, and administrators.

Social Work Services: Social workers are employed to work as liaisons between the school, the home, and outside support agencies. Social workers are also available to consult with parents and teachers.

Speech and Language Therapy: Speech and language pathologists are available for students, preschool through grade 8, whose speech and/or language interferes with communication and learning. Therapy services are provided in the general education classroom and in separate individual or small group sessions.

Additional Middle School Services

Counseling: Counselors are provided at the Middle School for those students who have social or emotional problems that interfere with their learning. Counselors address issues such as poor self-concept, peer relationships, relationships with teachers and academics.

Academic Center: This alternative education program provides students with instruction in necessary academic, study and life skills to improve chances for success in school.

Support Center: This program works with students who are exhibiting inappropriate behaviors, teaching appropriate replacement skills so that students will begin to experience more success in the academic setting.

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