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February 2018

Project HOPE – D33’s Birth to Three Program 

Birth to Three Program is the District Home-Visiting Program.  We have the capacity to serve 170 children through home visits and groups throughout the community One of the programs goals is to cast a wide net to identify most in need children and families and to universally screen all families with young children.
We are celebrating our reach into the community! 
Since August, we've received 157 new referrals 95 of these families were screened for eligibility of services. (Some families were not interested in the program or we were unable to contact to complete the referral).  We screen all children for developmental delays-even if parents are not interested in the program
High Quality Staff
13 of our staff completed a 4 day training on Baby TALK (Teaching Activities for Learning and Knowledge)  This new model and approach with families prepared staff to come-alongside families and focus more on partnering with parents to meet child and family goals.  We view parents as the expert on their child. 
Parent and Community Engagement

Staff is putting into practice what they learned through Baby TALK.  The Birth to Three plans to supports parents by: 

  • Positively impact child development    
  • Nurturing healthy parent-child relationships      
  • Supporting parents to identify and cope with life stressors
The Program is very focused on promoting parent child interactions.  Research shows that stronger the parent-child relationships leads to better outcomes for school readiness and relationships.  Quality and type of parent-child interactions predicts child development in multiple domains at start of kindergarten:  Social emotional, Cognitive, Language.  

October 2017

Program Overview

The Birth to 3 Program serves families throughout the district who are expecting a baby or have children under the age of 3. The Program works with families through home visits and parent groups throughout the community. Home Visits focus on various parenting topics, parent-child interactions and building connections to other resources in the community. Katey Baldassano, Supervisor, coordinates the program as well as serving to link the program to all things Early Childhood in the area. Currently, the program includes 14 other staff members:

10-Home Visitors

· Provide twice monthly home visits that include learning about topics relevant to each family and fun activities for parents and children
· Screen children and monitor development
· Host parent-child groups throughout the community (10 groups per month)

2-Case Managers

· Determine initial eligibility for the families
· Provide resource connections for families and hands-on support with accessing resources
· Support staff in meeting the needs of families
· Coordinate transportation needs of families
· Facilitate Mothers and Babies groups (our 6 week class for expectant mothers)
· Assist families with the transition to preschool

1-Child Care Worker

· Assist in all community based groups
· Support staff in keeping all materials in working and clean order
· First point of contact for all staff and families to make a referral or learn more about the program

What’s happening in Birth to 3?

· In September, families participated in library tours and received support with getting library cards
· In October, families came to the West Chicago Art Center to learn about the benefits of messy play and they created a beautiful mural hanging at the center.
· In October, families also took the bus to the Cosley Zoo. What a great day to spend outside and getting close to animals, nature and each other.
 · Home Visitors and Case Managers are planning to attend a 2-Day Conference in Lisle on “Protecting Children: Finding Strength, Hope and Resilience.
· Staff plan to join with early childhood professionals from around the state at the Sharing a Vision Conference for 2 days of learning to better support children and families and improve our professional practice.
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