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Can I quote you on that?
In our first quarter, we as a social studies class will be learning and practicing how to properly give credit to the ideas that are shaping our own. This is an identified skill that will be very useful to you not only in High School, but also in any future career. Below is a link to the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL). This resource will be a helpful place to start learning how to quote, paraphrase, and summarize information and it even has a link on their main page to their Tutoring Club which allows you to ask college professors and students your questions regarding these skills. Read, learn, and enjoy!

The New York Times has the details of who is declared (running), who is likely to run, and who is definitely not running for the position of POTUS (President of the United States).

New York Times Article
Demographic? What's that?
We Americans are a diverse people. Over time, especially during periods of heavy immigration, our demographics, or cultural identity has evolved and changed. Looking at our "holidays" that we celebrate (St. Patrick's Day, Columbus Day, Cinco de Mayo, etc.), we can see how different groups influenced what became common shared culture. The below link will take you to a webpage called Wolframalpha where this data is collected and then turned into cool and informative visuals and charts. Check it out and play around with the search engine!

Stock Market Watch
Economics (money) play an very important role in not just our every day lives, but also in the way nations work together (or don't), the way laws are written, and the way our Global community functions. The Stock Market Watch is a website that tracks the major stock markets. Type a corporation you've heard of into the search box and see how they are doing. Just click the link below and have fun exploring!

What is a dollar worth?
The Federal Reserve Bank of America (or the Fed for short) controls the inflation rate of our money in America. Since the Fed was established in 1913, records of this inflation rate have been recorded by the 12 different Federal Banks. Go to the link below to go to the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and find out what you comparative dollar is worth using their calculator (located on the right side of their webpage).

Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank
This site breaks down the racial make-up of the United States in a neat and very visual way. Each dot equals a person, so you can see the population density as well as the diversity of the neighborhoods, or lack thereof.

Demographics map
I grew up with this man and he is one of the few people in our country's military history who has earned the highest award the Army and Congress can give a citizen: The Congressional Medal of Honor. I'm lucky to have known him. Robbie was killed in action while in Afghanistan back in 2008 and was awarded his medal in 2010. The site linked tells his story. I dedicate myself to trying to preserve what he fought and died for, at least as best I can.

Medal of Honor
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