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The role of education in the life of a homeless child is crucial. In a life that is filled with uncertainty, school is a place of safety. Something as simple as a desk to call her own can provide a homeless child with a sense of routine and ownership. A free, appropriate, public education is also a right to which homeless children and youth are legally entitled. This right put into practice has the potential to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness that may otherwise continue. For a homeless child, the importance of a stable, quality education is immeasurable.

Students who are homeless may need assistance with clothing, school supplies, medical or social services. Transportation could be a barrier for the student to attend school. These are some services that may be accessible to the homeless student.

Parents who find themselves in this situation should speak to the building principal or social worker. The District Homeless Liaison is Suzanne Nissen, Director of Student Services, who will also provide assistance when needed.
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