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School nurses and full time health aides are assigned to each building. They assist in developing school health programs, obtain health histories, maintain student health records, administer doctor-prescribed medications, develop health care plans, participate in the special education eligibility process, provide first aid, and monitor hearing and vision screenings.

Each school has a full time health aide from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. each school day. The phone extension is 202. The health aide is trained in first aid and CPR and does not diagnose or give treatment for anything but first aid needs. Certified school nurses supervise the health aides and usually travel to more than one school. Students needing a medical diagnosis or treatment should be taken to the family doctor. Injuries that occur at home or outside of school will NOT be treated at school. If your child appears to be ill before school, please consider keeping him or her home. Children with a temperature above 99.9 degrees, an undiagnosed rash or whohave vomited within 24 hours should not come to school.


District policy states that students are not allowed to take medication without doctor consent during school hours. However, medication needed on a long-term or ongoing basis may be taken by the student with supervision by authorized school personnel according to the District Medication Permission Form signed by the physician and the parent. The medication must be brought to school in the pharmaceutical container, clearly marked with the student's name, the name of the medication and pertinent instructions. The medication will be held in the health office for the student, where he/she needs to take it.

Inhalers for asthma and Epi-pens for severe allergic reactions may be carried by the student if a self-carry medication form has been completed by the physician and parent and also signed by the student.

Medications taken on a short-term basis (i.e. antibiotics) should be administered at home by a parent as much as possible. Do NOT send cough drops, Advil, Tylenol or antacids with your student.


If a student is physically unable to participate in P.E., he/she is to bring a note, explaining the nature of his/her illness. Extended absences (more than 3 days) from P.E. will need a doctor's note. P.E. is an important part of the curriculum and should not be missed for minor illness, such as colds, that are not serious enough to keep a child out of school.

If a child is excused from P.E., he/she will not be allowed to participate in recess, but may be allowed to go outside for fresh air.


Throughout the course of the school year various screenings occur. Vision and hearing screening is conducted in each school for grades mandated by the State of Illinois. This is only a screening and does NOT determine your child's need for glasses, hearing aids or other treatment. Parents whose children have failed two screenings on different dates will be notified in writing. It is the parents' responsibility to follow up with a health care provider.

Students' heights and weights may be measured in the fall and spring of the school year. This is done in a confidential manner and the results will be included in the final report card.

Parents have the responsibility to notify the school in writing if they do NOT wish their children to participate in these screenings.

Nothing in this policy shall prohibit any school employee from providing emergency assistance to students, including administering medication.

Health Requirements and Enrollment

All current District 33 students and all new kindergarten students are required to submit proper evidence of a completed physical examination and the documentation of immunizations. Students will not be allowed to attend school without such evidence on file at the school.

Physical examination:

A. Preschool

Parents of prospective preschool students are informed of current health requirements at the time of registration. The school nurses provide proper information. Proof of a physical examination and appropriate immunizations must be provided prior to the first day of attendance.

B. Kindergarten

1. Parents of prospective kindergarten students are informed of current health requirements at the time of registration each spring. Proper information is provided by the school nurses. Proof of a physical examination and appropriate immunizations must be provided prior to the first day of attendance.

2. Health requirements for school attendance are published in local newspapers at regular intervals during the summer months.

C. New Enrollees

1. The enrolling school official provides parents with current information regarding health requirements.

2. After October 15th, students transferring from schools within the state of Illinois must show proof of a physical examination and appropriate immunizations or a state transfer form noting good standing before admission to school. This includes students who have been home schooled within the State of Illinois for less than one school year. If a state transfer form is presented, the parent has 30 days to present the actual physical examination form and immunization records. Parents are advised to obtain a copy of their child's current school physical before transferring schools.

3. Transfer students from outside the State of Illinois or students who have been home schooled for longer than one school year are given until October 15th or 30 days to comply with health requirements.

4. Students who are homeless will be admitted to school and given referrals and support to comply with health requirements.

D. Current Students

1. Parents of 5th grade students are informed of the health requirements necessary for 6th grade admissionin the student's 3rd quarter report card.

2. Parents of 4th grade students are informed of Hepatitis B immunization requirements necessary for 5th grade admission in the student's 3rd quarter report card.

Dental examinations are required in grades kindergarten, second and sixth. These must be completed within 18 months of May 15th of the previous school year.

Vision examinations are required for students entering kindergarten or enrolling in an

Illinois school for the first time. These must be completed by October 15th of the current year.

All previously enrolled students are given notice 60 days prior to the start of school that this district has moved the exclusion date from October 15 to the first day of school. Students not in compliance with Illinois State Law on the first day of school will be excluded from school until such time as their medical records have been completed. During a student's exclusion from school for noncompliance with this law, the student's parents or legal guardian shall be considered in violation of the law and subject to any penalty imposed by Section 26-10 of The School Code of Illinois. Students who are excluded by legislative directive in noncompliance with the law are considered truant (absence without valid cause) as defined in Section 26-2a of The School Code of Illinois and subject to truancy procedures as detailed in Article 26 Pupil Compulsory Attendance Act.


School Nurses

ELC, Trinity, Winfield, Pioneer 
Rosalind Rodriguez

Currier, IK, Turner, Wegner
Araceli Orozco 

Gary, Leman Middle School
Patricia Crouse

Health Aides

Trinity - Diana Saucedo
ELC - Nancy Recendez
Winfield - Mary Murphy
Currier - Veronica Corral
Gary - Wonzey Carlson & Char Madsen
Indian Knoll - Laurie Goranson
Pioneer - Maria Rodriguez
Turner - Leslie McNight
Wegner - Margarita Cancel
Leman Middle School - Deborah Borges & Jodi Neece

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