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Employee Benefits
Announcement Regarding Health Savings Accounts (HSAs):

The Board of Education voted to continue seeding HSA accounts for 2019 in the following amounts:

  • Single @ $675.00 / year, paid in monthly increments
  • Family @ $1350.00 / year, paid in monthly increments

Seeding will be for 2 years only. Employees who have participated in the HSA plan for 2 or more years already will not receive additional seeding for 2019 or beyond.

403b Plan Information
 403b Annual Participation Memo
 403b Salary Reduction Agreement

Annual Notification - Medicare Part D

The District 33 prescription benefit is considered “creditable," which means that the group health prescription drug benefit is as good as, if not better than, any Medicare Part D Prescription Drug benefit.  The reason for the notification is to give Medicare beneficiaries the option to elect a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug benefit, should they choose. Most Medicare beneficiaries decide not to, if they are already on a creditable plan, but if you leave your employment in District 33 you will need this notice to show proof to your next plan that you previously had creditable coverage.

Enrollment and Policy Change Forms

New employees are eligible to enroll in the District's group health and dental plans within 30 days of their initial hire date.

All employees are eligible to enroll within 31 days of a qualifying event as specified in the Federal HIPAA regulations (e.g., birth, adoption, or placement for adoption, marriage, divorce or involuntary loss of other coverage).

All employees are eligible to enroll in health and dental benefits or to make changes to their current insurance plans during annual open enrollment.

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