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Emergency Closing

District 33 schools occasionally close during extreme winter weather. Late night snow or ice storms are the most likely reasons for school closing, however power outages or heating system failure may also be factors. When possible, administration makes every attempt to determine and communicate school closings by 5:30 AM on the affected day.

 Decision to close school is made after careful consideration of the best information available. Aside from carefully monitoring weather forecast, District 33 Administration will communicate with the following organizations when gathering information about potential or actual weather events:

  • West Chicago Police Department
  • Illinois Central Bus Company
  • District 33 Facilities and Grounds Department
  • Illinois Department of Transportation Communication with local/surrounding school districts

Typically these conversations begin in the afternoon prior to the day of the expected extreme weather so that final decisions can be made and the public can be notified as soon as possible. These conversations will include consideration of many weather related issues affecting the ability to safely transport students and staff to school on time including:

  • Ability of buses to start and/or stay running through the routes. In cold weather, the diesel fuel in buses can gel and cause engines to stop running while en route.
  • Ability of buses to navigate the snowy streets
  • If the time of day/evening of the snowfall provides insight on how quickly the streets can be cleared in relation to our key transportation timelines
  • If staff can make it to work safely
  • If the temperatures are dangerously low for those standing at bus stops
  • If the temperatures are expected to stay dangerously low for an extended period of time (as opposed to a brief dip into the very low temps)
  • If there are consistent, long-term, clear forecasts indicating a high degree of probability of a severe storm.
  • Concerns about children who do not have adequate supervision at home and parents who will have difficulties making arrangements with work.

District 33 will make every attempt to post school closing information on this web site. However, if there is no information currently posted, we ask that you check one or more of the other reliable resources listed on this page:

  • Voice and email message will be made through SchoolMessenger. Do not call your school. If your phone number/email address has changed since you registered your child for school, please give your new contact information to your school secretary so our records can be updated.

  • A message is placed on District 33 Twitter and Facebook pages

  • Information is broadcasted on most local radio and TV stations, including WGN (Radio 720 AM or TV Channel 9), and WBBM (Radio 780 AM, TV Channel 2)

Notification will be made to the Emergency Closing Center (ECC).
To conduct a status search enter the Facility Name: "West Chicago Dist 33" and the City: "West Chicago".

You should also consider registering for the Emergency Closing Center email alert system. You can register at the ECC site to have them notify you by e-mail if our school district closes. It only takes a moment to sign up and this may be the most convenient way of all to receive emergency closing information.

PLEASE NOTE: If the District decides NOT to close school, parents may choose to keep your child home if you feel there is a safety issue due to excessive cold or snow. Be sure to call your school to let them know your child is home.

Recess Guidelines: Please send your child to school dressed appropriately for cold weather Students will be outside before school and at recess time if the temperature or winds chill is at 10 degrees or above. Please provide a doctor’s note to your school if your child has restrictions on being outside in cold weather.

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