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We believe that English Language Learners…
  1. Deserve support, access to high standards, qualified and certified teachers, content based instruction and appropriate individualized resources.
  2. Engage in en educational experience based on the whole child: socially, emotionally, academically.
  3. Should be provided with equal access to learning opportunities.
  4. Should exit our program able to compete with grade level peers.
Our English Language Learners Program Goal is to…
  1. Enable English Language Learners to become proficient in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English (TBE/TPI)
  2. Provide English language learners equal educational access and benefits.
  3. Provide native language instruction (TBE) in accordance with students individual needs in order to maximize their academic progress and cognitive development.
  4. Foster a multicultural experience that develops cross cultural communication, and promotes cultural pride, assurance and confidence.
  5. Facilitate improvement through ongoing evaluation in order to meet the changing needs of the district and its individual schools.
  6. Promote a positive image in the community of English Language Learners, their families and the ELL program through high expectations, rigorous curriculum and clear and consistent program implementation.
The English Language Learning (ELL) Program in West Chicago Elementary District 33 employs various instructional models where students work within a classroom setting, in small groups or individually with an ELL teacher. The amount of support the student receives is based upon the student’s level of English proficiency, as determined by the W-APT or MODEL assessment.

The ELL Program has two components: English as a Second Language (ESL) and Bilingual Education. English as a Second Language and Bilingual support is offered at each of the District 33 schools.

The goals of the ELL Program are to develop English skills while students are learning core academic content and to develop academic English proficiency to enable students to successfully make the transition into mainstream classes. ESL is taught through academic content using a variety of instructional strategies. In addition to ESL services, students in the Bilingual Education Program receive native language support through the content areas in an effort to support second language acquisition.
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