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Human Resources "Bits and Bites"
April 2018
Sub of the Month 
 The sub of the month for March was Karena Cruz.  Karena was nominated by multiple buildings and multiple staff members. Assistant Principal Kellie Barros of Currier School mentioned that one day when Karena subbed there, she had to go on a field trip.  While on the bus, she made conversation with students and student felt comfortable enough to share with Karena. 

She has been in multiple buildings and multiple grade levels, helping out whenever and wherever she can.  She is always pleasant and eager to work and help the students in our district.   D33 is lucky to have Karena Cruz as a substitute teacher.

Thank you for all you do!

March 2018

Contract Negotiations between Elementary Teachers’ Association of West Chicago and

West Chicago Elementary  School District 33

ETAWC and West Chicago District 33 have begun contract negotiations. The contract that we are currently working under expires on June 30, 2018. Just like last time, we are utilizing the Interest Based Bargaining Model. We are pleased to share that The Board and ETAWC team have been meeting weekly during the month of February. We have had positive discussions on a variety of interests.


Compliance Audit

Every five years, the Regional Office of Education performs an audit on all school districts to ensure compliance in the areas of Students, Staff/Personnel Training, Policy/Governance, Health/Life/Safety and Instructional Programs. The Regional Office of Education and West Chicago District 33 completed this audit during the second week in February of 2018. West Chicago District 33 received very positive feedback from the auditors in regards to our processes in the different areas covered.  


Bilingual Job Fair

Every year, the Department of Human Resources, in partnership with other district and building administrators, attend the Bilingual Job Fair organized by the Illinois Resource Center. This year, the job fair took place on Saturday, March 10th in Oak Brook IL. We had an amazing team representing District 33 that included Kellie Barros, Asst. Principal at Currier, Jackie Campos, Asst. Principal at Indian Knoll, Mary Kassir, Asst. Principal at Pioneer and Angelica Romano, Executive Director of Human Resources.


We were pleased to see so many extraordinary bilingual candidates ready to make a difference in student's lives. We interviewed about 40 candidates and will be calling some of them back to fill our bilingual openings. We are looking forward to interviewing passionate and amazing candidates!


Professional Interviews with Aurora University Students

Aurora University has reached out to several districts, including West Chicago District 33 with the opportunity to assist their students with practice interviews. We will be using this opportunity to screen candidates in the areas of Bilingual education at all grade levels as well as the different content areas at the Middle School level.  Practice interviews will take place on April 18th. From our District’s end, we have already seen interest from some of teachers to participate as well.


New Recruitment Software

Human Resources is currently reviewing a new software that will enable us to reach candidates at a national level. This software focuses on assisting managers in effectively screening and selecting applicants to move along in the interview process. This is done through video interviews which can be one way interviews or live interviews. This process will allow for our administrators to use their time in a more efficient way when screening candidates and will support the human resources department in cutting down time it takes to fill our vacancies. 


February Sub of the Month

Congratulations to Pam Nelson, our February Sub of the Month. Pam is a retired teacher from District 33 and is always eager to pitch in wherever she can. Principal, John Rodriguez said that Pam is loyal, flexible, and always willing to help. She always has a smile on her face and as a former teacher in our district; she displays the positive attitude needed to work with our demographics in order to help them feel comfortable in school. Pam has helped out in almost all of our buildings and for that we are grateful. Thank you for all you do for our district Pam!

February 2018

Contract Negotiations between Support Staff Association, IEA-NEA and West Chicago Elementary School District 33

During the last several months, the Support Staff Association, IEA-NEA and West Chicago District 33 held contract negotiations for a new contract. The contract we are currently working under was effective from 2014 through 2018, therefore expiring at the end of this school year.


For the first time with SSA, we utilized the Interest Based Bargaining model which is a model whose principles are to address issues in more depth than those reached using a traditional model because they are the result of a process aimed at satisfying mutual interest by consensus, and not just one side’s interest at the expense of the other group. 


We are pleased to announce that the new SSA, IEA-NEA and West Chicago Elementary School District 33 contract was ratified on January 19, 2018 and Board approved on February 1, 2018.


Contract Negotiations between Elementary Teachers’ Association of West Chicago and West Chicago Elementary School District 33

ETAWC and West Chicago District 33 will begin contract negotiations in the next few days for a new contract. The contract that we are currently working under expires on June 30, 2018. Just like last time, we will be utilizing the Interest Based Bargaining Model.


Compliance Audit

Every five years, the Regional Office of Education performs an audit on all school districts to ensure compliance in the areas of Students, Staff/Personnel Training, Policy/Governance, Health/Life/Safety and Instructional Programs. West Chicago District 33 will be going through this audit during the second week in February of 2018. The different departments have been working on gathering all of our documentation for the last several months.


 January 24, 2018 - Paraeducators Appreciation Day!

At West Chicago District 33, January 24th is designated to celebrate our Paraeducators. The different buildings and their staff got together to show their appreciation to all of our paraeducators with different tokens of appreciation. You may find some of these exciting pictures on our West Chicago District 33 facebook page.


January  Sub of the Month
Amy Godoy Guerra was nominated and chosen as the Sub of the Month for January. According to Stephanie Drake, Principal at Gary School, Amy stepped in this fall to help subbing and doing maternity leaves. She quickly became part of the team, helping out in any position that was needed. She is an expert at Technology and helped the 3rd grade team set up data tracking sheets. She is al-ways smiling and cares so much for the students, families, and colleagues. She will do anything for anybody. District 33 would like to thank you for your dedication to our district!


December 2017

Staff Retention and Climate Culture

Human Resources in collaboration with the department of Teaching and Learning hosted a network mixer with Year 1 and Year 2 teachers to promote retention and climate culture.

The following are the activities that we worked on:

  1. Painting - the theme of our painting was We Grow Together for Excellence and therefore, teachers painted a tree which signifies the growth that we all, as professionals need to always strive for.

  2. Inspirational quotes/phrases - each staff member came up with a quote/phrase/word that inspires them and motivates them through tough times.  Teachers repeated these motivational phrases to each other with the idea to keep doing so from now until the end of the school year.

Other areas to highlight are:

  1. Our very own teacher, Mrs. Rooney provided the instruction for the painting activity.

  2. Student participation - we couldn’t have done it without the assistance of some of our amazing art students who guided our teachers as they created their incredible pieces of art.  

HR would like to recognize the following students: Reagan Boorsma, Alexa Palacios-Reyes, Alonda Briseno, Emmanuel Gonzalez, Dayanna Sanchez, Gabe Shade, Miguel Albor, Kevin Garcia, Ben Vishonoff, and Janet Solis.

In-House Bilingual Job Fair

On Friday, December 15th the HR department held it’s annual Bilingual Job Fair. This is a job fair that is in-house and applicants come specifically to interview with our District.  


In the past, we have had very good responses from applicants and we have hired at least a couple of candidates every year. 


This year, we had 8 candidates that were interviewed for future openings.

Substitute Teacher Job Fair

In November, the DuPage Regional Office of Education held a Substitute Teacher Job Fair. Only two districts were invited to participate to talk about our hiring process and our districts. West Chicago District 33 was one of them!

There were over 70 participants and West Chicago has already brought on board about 6 substitute teachers from that job fair.


December Sub of the Month  

The Sub of the Month for December is Erwin Gernand.Congratulations and thank you for your hard work and dedication to our Middle School staff and students.

Erwin has subbed in the district since 2009. He has been a regular sub at the Middle School. He has subbed in almost every type of position available at the Middle School. He is always willing to help out, pitch in wherever he is needed. He has subbed 60 days for the Middle School this year so far.

Emily Hanlon, Assistant Principal at Leman Middle School, feels that Erwin is reliable and dependable.

Patrick Eversole, P.E. Teacher at Leman Middle School feels that the LMS PE department has relied on Erwin heavily as a substitute in that department. He is always on top of his game. The students know him well and expect to see him in that department when a regular teacher is out.

Erwin is an avid reader and Chicago Cubs fan (high five). He is always able to recall facts about the Civil War, the Cubs, and other current affairs. When he is not subbing for PE, you can find him walking around the building at a rather brisk pace. If Erwin wore a FitBit step tracker, he would easily reach 10,000 steps by lunch, according to many.



November 2017

November Sub of the Month

November's Sub of the month is Emmy Drzal.  Emmy has been a teacher in the district, as well as a reading assistant, and currently a substitute.  Emmy is a regular Inclusion/IPS substitute who travels to most all of the buildings.  On the days she doesn't have to cover meetings, she will pick up jobs to help out.  Every building that has Emmy has expressed their gratitude for her dedication to the students and staff.  Building principals have commented that Emmy is always on time, patient and pleasant with kids, reliable, and an effective teacher.  She is also very flexible and willing to pitch in wherever is needed.  Roxana Del Real, 3rd grade teacher at Wegner said, "Every time Emmy is in her classroom, she knows the class won't skip a beat and that her students are in good hands." 

District 33 is lucky to have these substitutes in our buildings!  



October 2017

Curriculum Nights

The Human Resources team, made their way into all the different schools during curriculum nights to seek applicants for the different available vacancies. Participating in curriculum nights also gave the Human Resources team the opportunity to meet our families and connect with them.


Recruitment and Retention of Substitutes

The Human Resources department continues to recruit substitute teachers and assistants for our District. There was an additional six substitute teachers hired during the last month. This is in addition to the 14 substitute teachers hired in late August.

In addition, Alyson, Substitute Coordinator has released her second newsletter dedicated to our substitute teachers. This newsletter keeps our substitute teachers informed of the activities at the different buildings. Furthermore, the HR Department has also incorporated the Substitute Teacher of the Month recognition. Every month, staff will be nominating a substitute teacher who they believe has gone above and beyond to meet our district needs.


New Technology

The Human Department is rolling out new technology to make it more efficient for our staff to review their employment history in the District. We are piloting Employee Access in the ESC building first to take on any technology glitches. Employee Access will be available for all staff in January 2018. This technology will enable staff to view and print information such as payment history, work calendar, time off, w2 information and more at any time.


 October Sub of the Month

Our October Sub of the month was Lilliann Gomez.   Lilly has subbed for us for 45 days this year so far.  According to the staff that nominated her, Lillis is reliable, flexible, cheerful, patient, loving to all students she encounters and is always willing to step up when and wherever she is needed.  From Pioneer Teacher Joanna Brumbaugh:  When it comes to Lilly she does an awesome job.  When I had her subbing in my classroom, as an assistant, she was my right hand.  She has a great sense of knowing what's going on, and jumping right in without having to be directed.  She has great ideas for assisting students, while encouraging their independence.  She reinforces classroom rules and routines, and she always kept the kids engaged.  In my opinion, she went above and beyond as a substitute teacher.  I'm always excited to see Lilly walking into the building.  She is by far, one of the best guest teachers we have in the district.  

September 2017
This year, the department of Human Resources has reorganized, and now consists of three employees, each with specialized roles:

Angelica Romano, Executive Director of Human Resources
Teresa Galvez, Human Resources Specialist
Alyson Robbins, Human Resources Executive Secretary

Along with this reorganization, the department has some exciting news to share:

Substitute Teacher Orientation
  • The first Substitute Teacher/Aide Orientation took place in August - 14 new subs were hired as a result.
  • Orientations will continue to be held at least once a month in order to consistently recruit new substitutes.
Recruitment of Certified Employees
  • 49% of our new certified hires are ESL or Bilingual certified
  • 48% of our new certified hires are Bilingual (Spanish) speakers
  • 67% of our new administrative hires are Bilingual (Spanish) speakers


September Sub of the Month 

LINDA CAMPAGNONI.  Linda has been a sub in our district for 23 years. She has been in the classroom as a teacher, a Para educator, a sought after long term maternity leave sub, Preschool secretary, and currently a long term sub in our PIC room at Indian Knoll. The PIC room can be a challenging job to fill, but Linda has willingly been going there since November 21, 2016 totaling 144 days. She is always smiling and engaging students. She works well with staff members within a building and is reliable to all. Her children went through District #33, specifically Indian Knoll and the Middle School.  Linda received numerous accolades from the staff at Indian Knoll and was chosen to receive the 1st Sub of the Month Award. e

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