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Human Resources "Bits and Bites"


December 2018

Contract Negotiations between Elementary Teachers’ Association of West Chicago and West Chicago Elementary School District 33

ETAWC and West Chicago District 33 have concluded contract negotiations. The contract was both, ratified and approved on Thursday, December 15, 2018. Just like last time, we utilized the Interest Based Bargaining Model in which both teams had the opportunity to express their needs and concerns equally. We had positive discussions on a variety of interests.


In-House Bilingual Job Fair

Every year, the Department of Human Resources organizes a bilingual job fair which is conducted in house. Our Principals, Directors and Assistant Superintendent make themselves available to interview bilingual candidates interested in joining our extraordinary team of teachers. This year, the job fair will take place on Wednesday, December 19, 2018 from 12pm to 6:00pm. We already have 6 bilingual candidates signed up for interviews. Please help us spread the word!


Professional Interviews with Aurora University Students

Aurora University reached out to several districts, including West Chicago District 33 with the opportunity to assist their students with practice interviews. Gloria Trejo, Principal from Pioneer and Angelica Romano, Executive Director for Human Resources had the privilege to attend this event and interviewed incredible candidates in the area of special education and bilingual education. Kudos to Aurora University for helping candidates with great passion for education and students to fulfill their dreams of becoming teachers!!


Substitute Teachers and Teacher Assistants Needed

We continue to hire Substitute Teachers and Teacher Assistants to work at our different grade levels and buildings. We offer orientation and training! If interested in one of these rewarding employment opportunities, please visit us at www.wego33.org and apply today. We need you!


November 2018 

Teach Here Eventually Event - Trinity Christian College 

On Tuesday, October 23rd, Jackie Campos - Assistant Principal at Indian Knoll along with Karen Apostoli, Principal at Wegner, attended a Teach Here Eventually Event organized by Trinity Christian College. During this event, students at Trinity Christian College put into practice with our administrators their interviewing skills. This was an opportunity for early recruitment for our District as well as an opportunity to train soon to be college graduates on how to interview to be successful in getting their perfect job!

Practice Interviews with Aurora University Students

Aurora University has reached out to several districts, including West Chicago District 33 with the opportunity to assist their students with practice interviews. We will be using this opportunity to screen candidates in the areas of Bilingual education at all grade levels as well as the different content areas at the Middle School level.  Practice interviews will take place on November 28, 2018 with the participation of Gloria Trejo - Principal at Pioneer and Angelica Romano - Executive Director of Human Resources.

Third ESL/Bilingual Cohort

We will be starting a 3rd in-house cohort for our staff to be able to earn their bilingual and/or ESL endorsement through TIDE and St. Francis University this January. During the last two years, we have seen a good amount of interest among our staff members in this cohort as it is held at Leman Middle school at a much lower cost than through other programs. This endorsement helps our staff serve in a more higher quality capacity the needs of our ESL students.  


Acquenetta was nominated by multiple schools.  Brian Marroquin, Assistant Principal at Turner, said that Acquenetta has done a phenomenal job serving the students of Turner Elementary.  She always has a very positive attitude and demonstrates flexibility in meeting the learning needs of their students.  Acquenetta genuinely loves working with kids.  Whether it is a classroom teacher, specials teacher, or support staff, she consistently does her best to serve our students.  

Our Sub of the month for October is… Acquenetta Thompson. 

October 2018 

Sub of the Month for September

Our Sub of the month for September is Maria DeGuzman. Maria is currently covering for a maternity leave at Pioneer. Maria is always willing to cover openings we have. She is always kind and working with a smile. She jumped in full force, once accepting this long term position and connected with the teacher and staff at Pioneer immediately. Maria has subbed in most all of our elementary buildings. If you happen to see Maria, give her a high five for all her hard work.

 September 2018
Substitute Teacher Training:

On August 17, 2018, Human Resources held a Substitute Teacher training for current and new substitute teachers. During this half-day training, our substitutes learned about Kagan, CHAMPS and PBIS, classroom management, quiet techniques, how to use the smart boards and how to respond to emergency situations.

Special thanks to Kellie Barros, Maggie Lay and Marjory Lewe-Brady for their participation in responding to specific questions our substitutes had.

This is a new training that we will continue to offer, especially to our new substitutes to equip them with the techniques needed to be successful in the classrooms.   

Substitute Teachers Needed:

This year, we are welcoming 7 new substitute teachers! If you see new faces in your buildings, please welcome them!

Our recruitment efforts is an ongoing process. We are continuously seeking highly motivated substitute teachers who share our commitment to education. If you know of someone who would be a tremendous substitute teacher, please encourage them to apply through our website at www.wego33.org.

New On-boarding Process for Paraprofessionals

On Friday, August 23rd, the Human Resources office along with the Department of Student Services offered a training to all of our new Paraprofessionals and our 2nd year Paraprofessionals. In attendance we had about 19 new Paraprofessionals and 8 current paraprofessionals who learned about the students we serve, teaming, student supports and more. Please welcome our 19 new Paraprofessionals and get to know them!

Special thanks to Jackie Campos for attending the training and being available to respond to specific questions.

This training is part of our new on-boarding process for our support staff.

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