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Department of Human Resources - Bits and Bites

October 2017

Curriculum Nights

The Human Resources team, made their way into all the different schools during curriculum nights to seek applicants for the different available vacancies. Participating in curriculum nights also gave the Human Resources team the opportunity to meet our families and connect with them.


Recruitment and Retention of Substitutes

The Human Resources department continues to recruit substitute teachers and assistants for our District. There was an additional six substitute teachers hired during the last month. This is in addition to the 14 substitute teachers hired in late August.

In addition, Alyson, Substitute Coordinator has released her second newsletter dedicated to our substitute teachers. This newsletter keeps our substitute teachers informed of the activities at the different buildings. Furthermore, the HR Department has also incorporated the Substitute Teacher of the Month recognition. Every month, staff will be nominating a substitute teacher who they believe has gone above and beyond to meet our district needs.


New Technology

The Human Department is rolling out new technology to make it more efficient for our staff to review their employment history in the District. We are piloting Employee Access in the ESC building first to take on any technology glitches. Employee Access will be available for all staff in January 2018. This technology will enable staff to view and print information such as payment history, work calendar, time off, w2 information and more at any time.

September 2017
This year, the department of Human Resources has reorganized, and now consists of three employees, each with specialized roles:

Angelica Romano, Executive Director of Human Resources
Teresa Galvez, Human Resources Specialist
Alyson Robbins, Human Resources Executive Secretary

Along with this reorganization, the department has some exciting news to share:

Substitute Teacher Orientation
  • The first Substitute Teacher/Aide Orientation took place in August - 14 new subs were hired as a result.
  • Orientations will continue to be held at least once a month in order to consistently recruit new substitutes.
Recruitment of Certified Employees
  • 49% of our new certified hires are ESL or Bilingual certified
  • 48% of our new certified hires are Bilingual (Spanish) speakers
  • 67% of our new administrative hires are Bilingual (Spanish) speakers
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