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Wegner Chorus T-Shirt Orders Due Tomorrow!

If your student in Chorus would like to purchase a chorus t-shirt, please submit the order form and $9.00 tomorrow, October 11th.

This Week in Music

Kinder: Practice Ta (Quarter Note) and Eighth Notes (Ti Ti) and Introduction to beats of Silence (Quarter Rest) and practice writing beats of rest
1st: Holiday Songs and Practice with beats of sound and silence
2nd: Practice with Rhythm (Ta, Ti Ti and Quarter Rest) and Read a story while practicing rhythm on hand drums (Haja: The Bird Who Was Afraid to Fly)
 3rd: Holiday Songs and Halloween Songs
4th:  Continue with Drumming Unit, students will practice playing specific rhythms on the tubanos and also compose their own
5th: Holiday Songs, Notes and Rests practice and Halloween Songs

Musician of the Week

Criteria: Best listener, follows directions, team player, respectful to peers, teacher and materials/instruments, responsible and self-aware.
Anna Duran
293-6400 ext. 233
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