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Arturo Arvizu


Queridos padres de familia,

Estoy muy complacido en ser el maestro de su hijo/a este año escolar. Este será un año muy importante para su estudiante y para mí. Ellos y ellas experimentaran nuevas enseñanzas académicas y sociales. Estas habilidades les ayudaran a tener éxito durante todo el año escolar.

Es importante recordar todos sus éxitos por pequeños y grandes que sean. Todos sus éxitos ayudan a los niños y niñas a tener confianza en sí mismos y llegar a ser exitosos académicamente. Recuerde que cada niño/a crece académica y socialmente a su propio tiempo y ellos desarrollan sus habilidades cuando ellos y ellas estén listos/as. El apoyo de sus padres moralmente ayuda a que los estudiantes tengan más confianza en ellos mismos. Esto ayudara a que ellos sobresalgan en su educación y tenga éxito en la escuela. Gracias por todo su apoyo.

A little bit about me.  
I am a very proud dad of a two year old girl and a baby boy. I love soccer and I like dancing. I am currently taking classes for my Master's degree.The reason I am interested in getting a Master’s degree in Education started a couple years ago when I received the opportunity to teach in a 4th grade classroom.  I wanted to pursue the career of teaching that I envisioned when I started college. When I started volunteering in my wife’s classroom a few years ago, I came to love teaching thanks to her. She is a wonderful person who has been an inspiration and a role model for me.

My wife Laura Arvizu introduced me to the wonderful world of teaching a few years back. It has been her passion since she was younger. After volunteering in her classroom several times, I knew that it was the profession I wanted to follow as well. She has been working with English as Additional Language (EAL) students since she started her career. I noticed how many EAL students who only speak Spanish at home, struggle in school because of the lack of English. I immediately related to these students because I was an EAL when I started school in the United States. Spanish is my first language and I struggled to learn my second language (English), even with the help of amazing teachers like Laura. However, with the support of my teachers I became fluent in both languages and I achieved my academic goals. I wanted to be one of those teachers, like Laura, who care about her students.

I decided to start the career of teaching and continue with a higher degree because I want to make a difference in my students’ lives and education. I want to relate to and show my students that there are teachers just like them who really care about them. I want to offer my students the best academic opportunities and practices so they too can become successful in school.

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