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5th Grade
Week Resource Instructions Topic Outcome

January 5th

Point of View

Students will practice point of view vocabulary:  1st person, 3rd person limited, 3rd person objective, 3rd person omniscient, point of view

There are flashcards, learning sentences, speller, test, and even a scatter game.  These links are on the top of the game screen.  I don’t recommend the Space Race game.

There are motion and audio controls on the right side of the flashcard practice.  Students can choose to flip vocab card to show definition on one side and word on the other or have both word and definition visible. When playing the learn game, students have options to see term first or speak text. On the speller part, students can hear the word, read the definition or clue, and then type in the word. The test part has 3 fill in, 3 multiple choice, and 3 true/false.  It can be printed.  Students click on answer box to check responses.  They can test again. The last part is called Scatter.  It is a slide and match game.  When word and clue are correct the bubbles go together and then disappear. It is timed and students can replay for a better score.
Point of View LA.5.2.7
January 5th

How do you add whole numbers? Video


Adding Whole Numbers Hoop Shot

Students should watch the 6 minutes video on how to add multi-digit whole numbers.

Students should play “Hoop Shot.”  The students add multi digit numbers and then their basketball player will attempt a shot.  They can play with one or two players
Learning and using transitional words in sentences LA.5.5.7
Week Resource Instructions Topic Outcome
January 12th

Transitional Words "Glue" Video


Balloon Joining


Transitional Words Quizlet

Students should start by watching the 2 minute video on transitional words.


Students should then play the Balloon Joining Game.  This is very basic and the students should be able to complete it fairly quickly.  This game would be especially helpful for ELL and students with difficulty reading.

Students should then play the quizlet game.  This is more advanced and the students could struggle with some of these transitional words.  They should learn the words, then practice using the practice, play scatter, then take the test.  IF they struggle too much, they should go back to the balloon joining game.
Learning and using transitional words in sentences LA.5.5.7
Week Resource Instructions Topic Outcome
January 19th

Long Division Video (3:53)


Snork's Long Division Game

Students should watch the video.

Students should then play the Snork’s Long Division Game.  This game will walk the kids through how to do multi-digit long division problems.  If it is too easy have the kids type a higher number in the “set the highest number you would like to work with” box.  If it is too difficult, set that number to be lower.

Dividing whole number quotients with up to four-digit dividends and two-digit divisors. MA.5.6.2
Week Resource Instructions Topic Outcome
January 26th Scholastic Study Jams Unlike Denominators

Students should click “step by step” and read along with the tutorial for adding unlike fractions.  They will occasionally need to press “show me” to advance the animation.  This should take about 10 minutes.

When finished with the tutorial the students should select the second link (it is the same as the first) and this time choose “test yourself.”  Students should then take the quiz (they may need pencil and paper) and show the teacher when they have at least 6/7 questions correct.
Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators MA.5.2.1
Week Resource Instructions Topic Outcome
February 2nd

Schoolhouse Rock - Conjunction Junction (3:22)


Conjunction Study Game

Students should watch the Schoolhouse Rock video.

Students should practice using conjunctions by selecting the correct bubble to complete the sentence.
Conjunctions LA.5.3.2
Week Resources Instructions Topic Outcome
February 9th

Commas Separate - Grammar Rock (4:20)


Rags to Riches - Commas Galore

Students should watch the Grammar Rock video.

Students will play Rags to Riches.  It is like “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” where the students will ask questions of continual difficulty.  If they get a question wrong, they should continue playing until they reach the top
Commas LA.5.3.4
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