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4th Grade
Week Resource Instructions Topic Outcome

January 5th


Factor Pairs - Khan Academy



Factor Pairs - MangaHigh

Factor Game

Who wants to be a Factor Millionaire?

Additional Practice

Factors on Quia

Visit the Khan Academy Factor Pairs site for practice and a review video.


Factor Pairs - MangaHigh - Select your "Skill Level" and "Number of Questions."  Then press play.


Factor Game - Answer the question by hitting the target


Who wants to be a Factor Millionaire? - Select your character and enter your name.  Press "Let's Play."  Select the point amount to access the question.


Factors on Quia - Enter your name(s) and press 1 Player or 2 Players button.  Press on a point value and answer the question.  *Important* Make sure you put a comma between the answers (for example: 1,2,3,4,6,12)

Factor Pairs MA.4.3.1
Week Resource Instructions Topic Outcome
January 12th


This site can be used in MANY different ways. You can collaborate as a classroom and/or  a teacher can informally but reliably assess any particular skill being taught  in the classroom.


Teachers would need to create and share the Padlet link in advance. Students and teachers can insert pictures and files and text boxes. Example: “Choose a character in your independent/classroom reading. Identify a trait and give an example from the text to prove how your character exemplifies that trait.”

LA/Math/Science Social Studies LA.4.1.4
Week Resource Instructions Topic Outcome
January 19th Newsela

Newsela is a great resource for ENGAGING and EXCITING nonfiction and current event articles written at multiple reading levels. You can use the resource just for the articles, to print or link to, or students can create accounts by entering your class code, and then you can assign specific articles for students to read and many articles also come with comprehension questions for students to answer. You can track their comprehension and areas of need through this process. You can also search for articles that cover different skills ( citing text evidence, claim and argument, main idea) to better target instruction.  


Quick Start Quide https://newsela.com/people/classrooms/411563/quickstart/


This can also be used with similar websites below to do an article of the week type assignment.

LA/Math/Science Social Studies LA.4.2
Week Resource Instructions Topic Outcome
January 26th

Tween Tribune

Tween Tribune - Junior

Tween Tribune - Spanish

Pick an article for students to read. These articles are also available in multiple lexile levels, and include a “critical thinking” question at the end that can be utilized. There are a variety of topics and SPANISH content too! This website also has the ability to create student accounts where the students can read assigned articles and then comment on them.


However, it is mainly a wealth of engaging articles that can be used for a variety of purposes within your classroom.


As an example: ARTICLE OF THE WEEK.

Consider that this assignment/activity can be completed with any online resource, video, or otherwise. You can use this google docs file, or turn it into a google form, or have students create their own Article of the Week Google Doc notebook, OR have them create the template with paper and pencil  in notebooks they already use in class.
LA/Math/Science Social Studies LA.4.
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